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Mandan Trail      WebPDF       Vol. I, Page 5
The explorer LaVérendrye used the Mandan Trail on his expedition in 1738 to visit the Mandan villages along the Missouri, thus the trail quite possibly existed prior to the fur trade era.

Captain Large and the Empress of Ireland
      Web  / PDF       Vol.  II, Page 44
A Homemade Steamboat Plies the Souris River ...
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By Ships, Trains and Ox-Carts     Web  / PDF     Vol.  V, Page 7
A look at the routes taken from Ontario to Maniotba's Southwest Corner

Mr. Logan Comes To Lauder     Web  / PDF   Vol.  V, Page 8
The journey of one of Lauder's founding fathers.

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The Three Bridges at Riverside    Web  / PDF  Vol.  V, Page 10
This well-used crossing of the Souris River has seen a few changes.
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Dunseith Trail          Web  / PDF    Vol.  I, Page 35
The prohibition of beverage alcohol in the early 1900s paved the way for one of the area's most colourful chapters of thrill and intrigue.

Sam Heaslip - The "Stage Coach" Mailman      Web  / PDF     Vol.  IV, Page 17
In the early 1880’s the main road from Old Deloraine to Brandon was the Heaslip Trail named for Sam Heaslip who established the trail and used it to deliver the mail.

Old Melita Trail      Web  / PDF      Vol. I , Page  24
It is likely that the trail was first created by the surveyors who travelled the area between 1879 and 1880, marking out the land into townships (blocks of 36 square miles).

The Halfway House     Web  / PDF   Vol.  IV, Page 21
When you discover that your homestead happens to be in the right location, and you don’t mind some company from time to time, why not go into the business?

From Trails to Rails     Web  / PDF     Vol. IV , Page  19
Whole villages like Deloraine, Waubeesh and Wassawa were moved to new locations when the rail line passed them by.

Theme: Trails & Rivers
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#1: Goodbye at Sourisford 
Charlie West felt invisible at Sourisford, before other began to arrive.
Date: 1880   Place: Sourisford   : Municipality:  Two Borders    

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Trails & Rivers  / Fur Trade / Dakota, Nakota & First Nations  / Community Cooperation & Organization

#2: Bridge At Bunclody  /   Railway Construction /
Almost all trains, he said, went east and west, but this one was going north and south, making new connections and hopefully opening markets for us and our neighbours.

Trails & Rivers     Railways     Settler Pre-Railroad   Innovation, Tools & Entrepreneurs    Commerce & Work

#3: Mrs. Weightman 
From Scorland to Dand - a pioneer woman's success story.

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Trails & Rivers    Settler - Pre-Railroad    Women Leaders   Children     Homesteading / Agriculture   Biographies &Characters

#4: Whitewater Lake 
Change is the only constant when it come to this large shallow body of water.
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Trails & Rivers      Fur Trade    Dakota, Nakota & First Nations    Settler - Pre-Railroad      Children

#8: Prairie Riches /   Photos by Hime
Observations by the first Prairie Photographer
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#9 John Pritchard /   Barely Alive
A Fur Trade Era survival story.
#17: Master Newcomb 
Each of the hundreds of homesteads registered in southwest Manitoba in the early 1880's required a visit to the Land Tiltes Office near Deloraine.
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Trails & Rivers           Dakota, Nakota & First Nations    Settler - Pre-Railroad        Homesteading / Agriculture     Biographies &Characters      Government Influence

#20: The Empress of Ireland (A Prairie Riverboat)
Folks in Coulter would ask what is our local blacksmith doing building a riverboat in the middle of the prairies?

#22: Deloraine's Dr.Thornton  /  Doctor As Needed  
Dr. Robert Thornton was there for the  folks of the Deloraine area - wherever called, and, whatever the weather.
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Trails & Rivers      Metis & Mixed Blood      Health         Cross Cultural Learning       Biographies &Characters       Animals

#29 Walter Thomas - Before Dinner 
Sometimes survical is about, choices


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Trails & Rivers           Settler - Pre-Railroad      Community Cooperation & Organization         Innovation, Tools & Entrepreneurs      Health     Land Knowledge & Archaeology      Biographies &Characters    Events & Adventures

#30: Walter Thomas - After Dinner 

After a freak accident, some good fortune and a bit of kitchen table surgery saved his life.
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Trails & Rivers             Settler - Pre-Railroad      Land Knowledge & Archaeology       Biographies &Characters

#31: Ready to Dig at GainsboroughCreek
People farmed in Southwest Manitoba many centuroes ago. They farmed the same fields beside Gainsborough Creek for over 200 years - growing corn, squash and beans.
#40: Mouse Valley 
River valleys offer shelter, water, and wood to settler, hunter and traveller alike. The Souris River has been all that and more to the people of our region - for a long time.

#46: The Doctrine of Discovery
How did Europeans get the land from Indigenous Nations? There was one official religion in Europe at that time, so that church had a lot of power. Its leader proclaimed the “Doctrine of Discovery” giving European Christian nations the right to claim virtually all of North America.

#50: Jimmy Jock
Most Westman pioneers arrived from the east, Ontario mostly. James (Jimmy) Jock went to BC first then travelled  east again. He is the first resident of Minto cemetery.

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The Souris River in Manitoba - A Pictorial Essay

Captain Large & the Empress of Ireland (pdf)

A Coulter blacksmith buit a prairie steamship

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