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Theme: Government Influence
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Volume 1

Grande Clairière Convent        Web  / PDF      Vol.  I, Page 29
The beginning of the Grande Clairière Convent was marked in 1898 when Father J. Gaire, the parish priest from Grande Clairière, was visiting the family of one of his parishioners in France.
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Great Northern Railway       Web  / PDF      Vol.  I, Page 30
Construction of the Great Northern Railway (GNR) began during the winter of 1905 and finished in 1906, covering the 69.5 miles (110 kms) from St. John's (Devil's Lake), North Dakota to Brandon, Manitoba.
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Lorna Smith Nature Centre      Web  / PDF      Vol. I, Page  41
The Lorna Smith Nature Centre just southeast of Boissevain was established in 1983 by the Turtle Mountain Conservation District as part of the reservoir project.

Volume 2

Rise of the Métis Identity       Web  / PDF    Vol.  II, Page 6
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Lyleton Shelterbelts       Web  / PDF      Vol. II , Page  45
The first of many shelterbelts to be planted in the region was completed in 1936. It consisted of 2,300 trees which were planted in a row measuring half a mile on C. E. Fennell’s farm.

Chinese Settlement in Rural Manitoba     Web  / PDF      Vol.  II, Page 50
Over the span of his nearly 100 years he became a sailor, farmer, veterinarian, gold-panner and dedicated community worker

Volume 3

Lake Max Recreation      Web  / PDF     Vol.III , Page 27
As the largest lake in what is now Turtle Mountain Provincial Park, Max Lake was the natural location of choice for summer holidaying.

Lake Metigoshe Recreation      Web  / PDF     Vol.III , Page 35
The bulk of Lake Metigoshe lies in North Dakota, with only 60 out of 1,580 acres lying in Canada.

Turtle Mountain Forestry Reserve   Web  / PDF      Vol.  III, Page 41
In 1895 the Minister of the Interior set aside 75,000 acres as the “Turtle Mountain Timber Reserve.”

Prairie Skills Centre /   Web  / PDF   Vol. III   , Page  43
The many careers of a small-town stone churh    1896 - Present

Waskada Park   Web  / PDF     Vol.  III, Page 50
On a walk south of the townsite one day, a vision presented itself to Sankey: a recreational park, surrounded by trees, with space for sports activities and community events.

Volume 4

Railway Schemes and Dreams     Web  / PDF    Vol. IV, Page  10
While many of the railway proposals may have been based more on hopes than on available investors, most were practical, indeed modest, attempts to address a local Manitoba need.

The Home Bank Scandal Hits Lyleton      Web  / PDF     Vol.  IV, Page 25
 On or about August of 1923, Stan Hill, the Manager of the Lyleton Branch of the Home Bank of Canada received a short telegram, delivered in code. It read; "Cease business, close the door."

The First Phone in Boissevain      Web  / PDF      Vol.  IV, Page 28
In 1904 a local exchange was located in Hilton's Drug Store, but only a few residences were hooked up. Then in 1906 the Bell Telephone Company began installing its own phones in Boissevain homes.

Border Stories     Web  / PDF      Vol.  IV, Page 56
Maybe all stories that stimulate an interest in a subject are good stories.

Volume 5

The Mission School     WebPDF     Vol.  V, Page 3
In 1892 the local Endeavor Society obtained some funds and set up a school in a donated cabin on the Turtle Mountain Reserve.
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Shutting Down IR#60    WebPDF     Vol. V, Page 4 & 5
In 1889 Indian Agent J.A. Markle, based in Birtle, raised the possibility of relocating H’damani’s band.
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The Three Bridges at Riverside    Web  / PDF  Vol.  V, Page 10
This well-used crossing of the Souris River has seen a few changes.
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The Pierson CPR Demonstration Farm     WebPDF      Vol. V, Page 24
The Pierson site, one of 13 on the prairies, included a full line of modern buildings, including a two-story four bedroom house. 

Private Banks           Web  / PDF      Vol.  V, Page 30
As towns developed, increased commerce spurred the need for financial services. Those services were at first provided by private banks.
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Nurse Halladay and Boissevain’s First Hospitals      Web  / PDF      Vol.  V, Page 31
When the time came to open the doors on this new and much appreciated service, Nurse Halladay was appointed Matron.

The Hartney Air Training Field     Web  / PDF   Vol. V, Page 34
The Relief Field 1 for No. 17 Service Flying Training Schoolbased at RCAF Station Souris had a large hangar and personnel of eighty men and twenty-five officers.
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Prisoners of War – Harvest Help       WebPDF       Vol. V, Page 39
The prisoner farmhands were lightly guarded and often permitted to go shopping or attend church.  An unknown number stayed after release and became Canadians.

The Latest Thing – The Telephone      Web  / PDF     Vol. V, Page 49
The whole system was run by people and depended upon the skill and the personality of the operator.

Theme: Government Influence
Format: Vantage Points Article

#6: A Deal's a Deal /   Treaties
How did the Treaties come about?
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  Metis & Mixed Blood      Dakota, Nakota & First Nations    Community Cooperation & Organization     
Homesteading / Agriculture          Government Influence

#8: Prairie Riches /   Photos by Hime
Observations by the first Prairie Photographer

#11: Sam Long - Laundry Man 
Many Chinese men came to Canada for railway building work, and many stayed on to do other things.
#17: Master Newcomb 
Each of the hundreds of homesteads registered in southwest Manitoba in the early 1880's required a visit to the Land Tiltes Office near Deloraine.
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Trails & Rivers           Dakota, Nakota & First Nations    Settler - Pre-Railroad        Homesteading / Agriculture     Biographies &Characters      Government Influence

#21 Sitting Eagle 
A visit from Sitting Eagle, the grandson of H'damani, the leader of IR #60, was an event many a child would remember.

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  Dakota, Nakota & First Nations      Children    Land Knowledge & Archaeology     Cross Cultural Learning 
Biographies &Characters      Government Influence

24: Farmer Mary at Dand
A different sort of pioneer story
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      Settler - Pre-Railroad   Community Cooperation & Organization     Innovation, Tools & Entrepreneurs    Women Leaders
       Homesteading / Agriculture          Government Influence

#38: Mennonites 
In 1924 a Mennonite family arrived in Whitwater to join other who had decided to start a new life in Canada.
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Railways       Churches & Religion      Women Leaders    Cross Cultural Learning      Biographies &Characters   War & Conflict     Government Influence

#39: Turtle Mountain Reserve  #60
The smallest Indian Reserve in Manitoba seemed to be doing well until the powers that be decided it should be "surrendered".
#42: Hutterites
"We're Anabaptists, which means we're Christians but aren't Catholic or Protestant."

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 Community Cooperation & Organization    Schools & Teachers      Churches & Religion     Children      Homesteading / Agriculture     Cross Cultural Learning     War & Conflict    Government Influence

#43: Buffalo Hunting / Buffalo Summer Hunt 
 Imagine, riding, full gallop within a tornado of stampeding buffalo, your knees steering your horse, filling your musket on the run, your mouth full of shot and your horn swith gunpowder, firing, reloading and firing again, perhaps 20 times in one run. It's a highly skilled, daring and disciplined affair.

#46: The Doctrine of Discovery
How did Europeans get the land from Indigenous Nations? There was one official religion in Europe at that time, so that church had a lot of power. Its leader proclaimed the “Doctrine of Discovery” giving European Christian nations the right to claim virtually all of North America.

#48 War Training
The Commonwealth Air Training Field near Hartney was an important part of the WW2 war effort..
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                    Community Cooperation & Organization      Land Knowledge & Archaeology         War & Conflict   Government Influence

#49: Objecting To War
he Mennonite religion teaches that we must not do violence to others; that it's wrong to fight in wars; which makes it easy to think they we're soft on Hitler. But in reality they reject any authority that uses violence.

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  Women Leaders       Churches & Religion    Cross Cultural Learning    Biographies & Characters
War & Conflict   Government Influence

#52: Mountain Mill 
Those sod houses prairie settlers built seem quaint from a distance. They served their purpose but settlers  near Turtle Mountain had  a suuply of wood close at hand and it wasn't long before The Max Lake sawmill was servoing the commimity.
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                Settler - Pre-Railroad         Innovation, Tools & Entrepreneurs            Commerce & Work    Biographies &Characters         Government Influence

#53: Mission School
The Christian Endeavor Society operated a school on Turtle Mountain Reserve for a short while in the mid 1890's.
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Dakota, Nakota & First Nations     Community Cooperation & Organization           Schools & Teachers    Churches & Religion        Children          Government Influence
#59: Belgian Horses  /  Belgian Immigration in the Deloraine area.
The Government of Canada was advertising land. And new beginnings were what Belgian farmers needed. The open prairie sparkled in our minds as we prepared to come. Good thing we didn't know how rustic it'd be. And how we'd miss our big black horses. W

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     Churches & Religion    Innovation, Tools & Entrepreneurs    Children     Homesteading / Agriculture   Cross Cultural Learning  Biographies & Characters         Government Influence

62: Smallpox  
In 1492 smallpox became endemic on the Euro-Asian and African continents. Residents there carried the disease but were immune to its effects. Noth American were not.
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Fur Trade    Dakota, Nakota & First Nations       Health     Government Influence    Animals

Theme: Government Influence

Shelterbelts: Sustainable Agriculture on the Prairies

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