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Theme: Recreation and Entertainment
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Pauline Johnson Comes to Town      Web  / PDF       Vol.  IV, Page 51
Her performances took her across the continent and to Britain. She came to modest venues, like the hall in Napinka, on the upper floor of a blacksmith shop built in 1899 by Thomas Graham.
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Lake Max Recreation      Web  / PDF     Vol.  III, Page 27
As the largest lake in what is now Turtle Mountain Provincial Park, Max Lake was the natural location of choice for summer holidaying.
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Lake Metigoshe Recreation /   Web  / PDF       Vol.III   , Page  35
The largest lake on Turtle Mountain: discovered as a recreational paradise!
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Lorna Smith Nature Centre     Web  / PDF      Vol.I, Page  41   Established in 1983

The Riverside Canucks of Baseball Fame     Web  / PDF      Vol. V, Page 46
The Riverside Canucks played for over 40 years at Riverside Park, on the banks of the Souris River north of Minto. They are in the Manitoba Baseball Hall of Fame.
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Charles Sankey      Web  / PDF        Vol.  III, Page 30   
Over the span of his nearly 100 years he became a sailor, farmer, veterinarian, gold-panner and dedicated community worker

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What's on in Melita This Week?      Web  / PDF     Vol. V, Page 53
The Melita Opera House was one of several venues offering a wide variety of touring entertainers.

An Elephant Story – By Jerry Drier       Web  / PDF       Vol. V, Page 33
If you can't call a tow truck maybe an elephnat can help you out/
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Eunola School        Web  / PDF       Vol.  II, Page 41
The doors of this rural schoolhouse have not remained entirely closed with the end of classes
1896 - 1962

Gone to the Dogs        WebPDF      Vol. V, Page 38
In 1955 the Broomhill Curling Club received permission to sponsor the All American Field Trails complete with championship stakes. 
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At the Schoolhouse Dance       Web  / PDF        Vol.  V, Page 51
Small schoolhouses at Lake Max, Horton, Wassewa, Mountainside, Whitewater, and Strathallen were popular spots for dances.
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“Connie” Riddell     Web  / PDF     Vol. V, Page 52
Because he worked for the CPR, and was subject to job trans- fers, he was instrumental in the sporting lives of three communities.

The Orange Lodge in the Southwest Corner     Web  / PDF       Vol. V, Page 48
The Orange Lodge started as a predominantly Irish Protestant fraternal organization in the last years of the 18th Century in Northern Ireland

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#12: Kicking up our Heels at Billy's Point   / The Metigoshe Metis Community /
 Billy Gosslin was a hunter and a trapper - and a Red River Metis. He had moved to Lake Metigoshe from North Dakota and settled on the west side of Turtle Mountain.
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#26: Sankey at Waskada 
After seeing the world as a sailor, Charles Sankey settled down in Waskada - where he made a real impact.
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Community Cooperation & Organization      Schools & Teachers    Land Knowledge & Archaeology     Biographies &Characters

#34: Miss Pauline (Johnson)
The celebrated poet toured extensively across Canada. She even came to Napinka, where she made quite an impression.
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#36: Ninety - Acre Island (On Max Lake)
Max Lske was a recreational site, sawmill site... and for some a home.

#56: Gone To The Dogs  / Dog Training in Broomhill
Each summer whole families, mainly from the southern United States,  showed up in Broomhill. The local terain and climate was ideal for training hunting dogs.
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#58:  Elephants at Melita
It was around 1950. A Circus had visited Melita and was was heading to its next stop,when one of the trucks got stuck on a muddy road. Fortunately there were elephants to help out.

Theme: Recreation and Entertainment

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