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Mennonite Settlement in Southwest Manitoba   /   Web  / PDF      Vol. I , Page  34
Mennonites settle on the Canadian Prairies -  Post 1923
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Murder for a Homestead     Web  / PDF     Vol.  V, Page 37
wo murders, a national manhunt and a near escape. It all started on a farm near Boissevain.

The Rescue of the Hathaway Thresher     Web  / PDF     Vol.  IV, Page 54
It was the world’s first rotary thresher, a significant departure from the design then in use and a forerunner of the axial flow system used in modern threshers.

Elva Elevator         Web  / PDF     Vol.  III, Page 44
It was the  oldest remaining elevator in Canada! 1892—2019
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Lyleton Shelterbelts       Web  / PDF      Vol. II , Page  45
The first of many shelterbelts to be planted in the region was completed in 1936. It consisted of 2,300 trees which were planted in a row measuring half a mile on C. E. Fennell’s farm.

The Pierson CPR Demonstration Farm     WebPDF      Vol. V, Page 24
The Pierson site, one of 13 on the prairies, included a full line of modern buildings, including a two-story four bedroom house. 

Prisoners of War – Harvest Help       WebPDF       Vol. V, Page 39
The prisoner farmhands were lightly guarded and often permitted to go shopping or attend church.  An unknown number stayed after release and became Canadians.

The Case of the Nazi (?) Farmhand      WebPDF     Vol. V, Page 340
Why is there a sketch of Adolph Hitler on a vintage threshing machine near Pierson?

The Harvest Excursion – Definitely not a Vacation               Web  / PDF     Vol.  V, Page 11
Harvesting is a time-sensitive operation, and labor intensive as well. When the time came to get that good crop off the field there were simply not enough men around to do the job. 

Theme: Homesteads & Agriculture
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#3: Mrs. Weightman 
From Scorland to Dand - a pioneer woman's success story.

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Trails & Rivers    Settler - Pre-Railroad    Women Leaders   Children     Homesteading / Agriculture   Biographies &Characters

#6: A Deal's a Deal /   Treaties
How did the Treaties come about?
Radio Broadcast   |   Illustrated Text  |  Resources

  Metis & Mixed Blood      Dakota, Nakota & First Nations    Community Cooperation & Organization     
Homesteading / Agriculture          Government Influence

#13: Overlooking Fire 
The complicated history of the prairie fire, and the changes brought by Euro-settlers
Radio Broadcast   |   Illustrated Text  |  Resources


Dakota, Nakota & First Nations    Settler - Pre-Railroad      Innovation, Tools & Entrepreneurs       Homesteading / Agriculture      Land Knowledge & Archaeology

#17: Master Newcomb 
Each of the hundreds of homesteads registered in southwest Manitoba in the early 1880's required a visit to the Land Tiltes Office near Deloraine.
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Trails & Rivers           Dakota, Nakota & First Nations    Settler - Pre-Railroad        Homesteading / Agriculture     Biographies &Characters      Government Influence

24: Farmer Mary at Dand

A different sort of pioneer story
Radio Broadcast   |   Illustrated Text  |  Resources


      Settler - Pre-Railroad   Community Cooperation & Organization     Innovation, Tools & Entrepreneurs    Women Leaders
       Homesteading / Agriculture          Government Influence

#41: Alma Dale / The Chain Lakes Friends 
Friends got the name “Quakers” because of the way folks shake when profoundly moved by the Spirit.
Mrs. Alma Dale from Ontario came to the Chain Lakes area as a Minister iand made quite an impact.

Radio Broadcast   |   Illustrated Text  | 

 Community Cooperation & Organization     Churches & Religion    Women Leaders     Homesteading / Agriculture     
Biographies & Characters
Celebration       Animals

#42: Hutterites
"We're Anabaptists, which means we're Christians but aren't Catholic or Protestant."

Radio Broadcast   |   Illustrated Text  | 


 Community Cooperation & Organization    Schools & Teachers      Churches & Religion     Children      Homesteading / Agriculture     Cross Cultural Learning     War & Conflict    Government Influence

#46: The Doctrine of Discovery
How did Europeans get the land from Indigenous Nations? There was one official religion in Europe at that time, so that church had a lot of power. Its leader proclaimed the “Doctrine of Discovery” giving European Christian nations the right to claim virtually all of North America.

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Shelterbelts: Sustainable Agriculture on the Prairies

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