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All Saint's Church     Web  / PDF    Vol.  III, Page 34
The All Saint’s Church and Cemetery served as a landmark and community centre for over 30 years before the numbers in the parish could no longer support it.

Purple Hill Church             Web  / PDF      Vol.  III, Page 42
In 1898 the Purple Hill Church, located in the Medora area, was opened and dedicated.

Chain Lakes Quaker Church        Web  / PDF     Vol.  III, Page 46
The area around Chain Lakes was settled by Quakers—also commonly known as “Friends.”
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Grande Clairière Convent        Web  / PDF      Vol.  I, Page 29
The beginning of the Grande Clairière Convent was marked in 1898 when Father J. Gaire, the parish priest from Grande Clairière, was visiting the family of one of his parishioners in France.
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Copley Church       Web  / PDF     Vol.  II, Page 40
In the extreme southwest corner of the province of Manitoba there sits the ruins of a small church. The first church of any denomination to be built west of the Souris River.
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Sourisford Linear Burial Mounds       WebPDF      Vol.  2, Page 40
Artifacts from these thousand year-old burial mounds indicate the trade relations that existed upon the plains before convenient modes of transportation.

The Diana Icelandic Cemetery      WebPDF    Vol. V, Page 22
lcelandic settlers originally come to the New Iceland settlement at Gimli beginning in 1876. Some later moved on to the Grund area between Baldur and Glenboro, and when homesteads were becoming harder to find, a few moved west to the area between Sinclair and Tilston.

The Mission School     WebPDF     Vol.  V, Page 3
In 1892 the local Endeavor Society obtained some funds and set up a school in a donated cabin on the Turtle Mountain Reserve.
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St. Paul's Cemetery and Catholic Church    WebPDF     Vol.  III, Page 39
In the spring of 1917 the Belgian community living on the slopes of Turtle Mountain and their priest, Father P. E. Halde decided to build themselves a church wherein they could pursue their worship of the Catholic faith.

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#10: The Sisters at Grande Clairiere
Father Gaire a Catholic priest from France to establish a mission in Manitoba. He chose the site of
French speaking Metis community south of Oak Lake and was welcomed.

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#38: Mennonites 
In 1924 a Mennonite family arrived in Whitwater to join other who had decided to start a new life in Canada.
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#41: Alma Dale / The Chain Lakes Friends 
Friends got the name “Quakers” because of the way folks shake when profoundly moved by the Spirit.
Mrs. Alma Dale from Ontario came to the Chain Lakes area as a Minister iand made quite an impact.

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#42: Hutterites
"We're Anabaptists, which means we're Christians but aren't Catholic or Protestant."

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#46: The Doctrine of Discovery
How did Europeans get the land from Indigenous Nations? There was one official religion in Europe at that time, so that church had a lot of power. Its leader proclaimed the “Doctrine of Discovery” giving European Christian nations the right to claim virtually all of North America.
#49: Objecting To War
he Mennonite religion teaches that we must not do violence to others; that it's wrong to fight in wars; which makes it easy to think they we're soft on Hitler. But in reality they reject any authority that uses violence.

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#53: Mission School
The Christian Endeavor Society operated a school on Turtle Mountain Reserve for a short while in the mid 1890's.
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