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Volume 1

Strathallen School      Web  / PDF       Vol.  I, Page 28
The school was built in 1892 about seven miles (11 kms) southwest of Boissevain along the old No. 3 Highway.

Grande Clairière Convent        Web  / PDF      Vol.  I, Page 29
The beginning of the Grande Clairière Convent was marked in 1898 when Father J. Gaire, the parish priest from Grande Clairière, was visiting the family of one of his parishioners in France.
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Marsden Schools       Web  / PDF    Vol. I, Page 38
The school became an important feature to the Métis community and helped local people affirm their heritage in this area by being its only Métis school. It doubled by serving as a community centre and dance hall as well.

Volume 2

Eunola School   /   Web  / PDF       Vol.  II, Page 41
The doors of this rural schoolhouse have not remained entirely closed with the end of classes
1896 - 1962
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Volume 3

Lake Max Recreation      Web  / PDF     Vol.III , Page 27
As the largest lake in what is now Turtle Mountain Provincial Park, Max Lake was the natural location of choice for summer holidaying.

Lake Metigoshe Recreation      Web  / PDF     Vol.III , Page 35
The bulk of Lake Metigoshe lies in North Dakota, with only 60 out of 1,580 acres lying in Canada.

Waskada Park   Web  / PDF     Vol.  III, Page 50
On a walk south of the townsite one day, a vision presented itself to Sankey: a recreational park, surrounded by trees, with space for sports activities and community events.

Volume 4

A Disturbance in the Classroom - By Edith King      Web  / PDF      Vol. IV   , Page  12
At the blackboard the young teacher determinedly was writing an exercise for the class. From behind her came a sudden but definite flip, flip, flip of an inkwell.

Little Schools on the Prairie       Web  / PDF    Vol. IV   , Page  16
Single young women were the sought-after choice as teachers. In fact many jurisdictions specifically ruled out married women in the position.
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The Blizzard - By Marion Robinson    Web  / PDF    Vol. IV   , Page  48
It was a terrifying night. There was a long string of shaky stove pipes almost the length of the room, and with each terrific impact of the wind they shuddered and groaned.
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Volume 5

The Mission School     WebPDF     Vol.  V, Page 3
In 1892 the local Endeavor Society obtained some funds and set up a school in a donated cabin on the Turtle Mountain Reserve.
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Too Many Schools?             Web  / PDF     Vol. V, Page 19
The first schools in the regions were Menota and Napinka in 1884. Between 1885 and 1895 another fifteen were established. .

Getting Ready for the Christmas Concert    
Web  / PDF      Vol. V, Page 47
Ask someone who attended a one-room rural school about the memorable times and you can be pretty sure the conversation will include reminiscence about Christmas concerts.

“Connie” Riddell             Web  / PDF       Vol. V, Page 52
Because he worked for the CPR, and was subject to job trans- fers, he was instrumental in the sporting lives of three communities.

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#3: Mrs. Weightman 
From Scorland to Dand - a pioneer woman's success story.

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Trails & Rivers    Settler - Pre-Railroad    Women Leaders   Children     Homesteading / Agriculture   Biographies &Characters

#5: Blizzard at West Brenda
A young teacher and her students spent a long night in the schoolhouse.  "The snow hit us with such force we were gasping. I couldn't even see my hand, stretched out."

  Community Cooperation & Organization    Schools & Teachers     Women Leaders     Children      Events & Adventures

#7: The Purple Hill Beef Ring
"My father called a meeting and 20 families agreed to take turns offering the group one steer a year."
#10: The Sisters at Grande Clairiere
Father Gaire a Catholic priest from France to establish a mission in Manitoba. He chose the site of
French speaking Metis community south of Oak Lake and was welcomed.

      Metis & Mixed Blood        Schools & Teachers    Women Leaders    Children     Biographies &Characters.        Government Influence

24: Farmer Mary at Dand
A different sort of pioneer story
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      Settler - Pre-Railroad   Community Cooperation & Organization     Innovation, Tools & Entrepreneurs    Women Leaders
       Homesteading / Agriculture          Government Influence

27: True Education  / Verona School
Like many a one room school, it went from being the "centre of this community" to being merely a "Historic Site.
#34: Miss Pauline (Johnson)
The celebrated poet toured extensively across Canada. She even came to Napinka, where she made quite an impression.
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           Dakota, Nakota & First Nations      Women Leaders   Children    Cross Cultural Learning   Biographies &Characters   War & Conflict 

#42: Hutterites
"We're Anabaptists, which means we're Christians but aren't Catholic or Protestant."

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 Community Cooperation & Organization    Schools & Teachers      Churches & Religion     Children      Homesteading / Agriculture     Cross Cultural Learning     War & Conflict    Government Influence

#45: Mountainside
Mountainside is one of several stops on the Lyleton branch. That railway is fondly remembered as the lifeline of small communities.

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Railways            Schools & Teachers       Children       Commerce & Work     Celebration       Animals

#53: Mission School
The Christian Endeavor Society operated a school on Turtle Mountain Reserve for a short while in the mid 1890's.
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Dakota, Nakota & First Nations     Community Cooperation & Organization           Schools & Teachers    Churches & Religion        Children          Government Influence

#54: Rest Rooms Designed By Women
The Women's Institute set out to improve life for rural women. Establishing Rest Rooms for women and children was a high priority. We owe them thanks.
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  Community Cooperation & Organization     Women Leaders    Children     Celebration    Government Influence

#55: Mining the Mountain
The Salter and Henderson mines , near Goodlands, became the most successful in Manitoba. They were separated by a barbed-wire fence.
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Railways      Innovation, Tools & Entrepreneurs    Children      Land Knowledge & Archaeology    Commerce & Work 
Biographies & Characters     War & Conflict
#59: Belgian Horses  /  Belgian Immigration in the Deloraine area.
The Government of Canada was advertising land. And new beginnings were what Belgian farmers needed. The open prairie sparkled in our minds as we prepared to come. Good thing we didn't know how rustic it'd be. And how we'd miss our big black horses. W

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     Churches & Religion    Innovation, Tools & Entrepreneurs    Children     Homesteading / Agriculture   Cross Cultural Learning  Biographies & Characters         Government Influence

#61: Concrete Block Construction  / Home Blocks  
What made this grand home affordable back in 1904, was that the Palmer block maker allowed the owner-builder to make blocks on-site with local gravel!

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