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Volume 1

Ducharme Property       Web  / PDF      Vol. I, Page 33
One homestead on the northern slopes of Turtle Mountain, about 11 kms southwest of Boissevain, is where two Métis brothers settled sometime in the early 1920s.

Lorna Smith Nature Centre      Web  / PDF      Vol. I, Page  41
The Lorna Smith Nature Centre just southeast of Boissevain was established in 1983 by the Turtle Mountain Conservation District as part of the reservoir project.

Volume 2

Lake Max Recreation      Web  / PDF     Vol.III , Page 27
As the largest lake in what is now Turtle Mountain Provincial Park, Max Lake was the natural location of choice for summer holidaying.

Lake Metigoshe Recreation      Web  / PDF     Vol.III , Page 35
The bulk of Lake Metigoshe lies in North Dakota, with only 60 out of 1,580 acres lying in Canada.

Prairie Skills Centre /   Web  / PDF   Vol. III   , Page  43
The many careers of a small-town stone churh    1896 - Present

Waskada Park   Web  / PDF     Vol.  III, Page 50
On a walk south of the townsite one day, a vision presented itself to Sankey: a recreational park, surrounded by trees, with space for sports activities and community events.

Volume 4

The Beef Ring      Web  / PDF     Vol.  IV, Page 27
Before freezers were in every home feramers found a way to share fresh beef.

Prairie Fire!      Web  / PDF      Vol.  IV, Page 44
It was a landscape shaped by the prairie fire, and the fires served their ecological purpose.

The Blizzard - By Marion Robinson    Web  / PDF    Vol. IV   , Page  48
It was a terrifying night. There was a long string of shaky stove pipes almost the length of the room, and with each terrific impact of the wind they shuddered and groaned.
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Volume 5

The Mission School     WebPDF     Vol.  V, Page 3
In 1892 the local Endeavor Society obtained some funds and set up a school in a donated cabin on the Turtle Mountain Reserve.
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The Pierson CPR Demonstration Farm     WebPDF      Vol. V, Page 24
The Pierson site, one of 13 on the prairies, included a full line of modern buildings, including a two-story four bedroom house. 

Snow Plane to the Rescue!         Web  / PDF     Vol.  V, Page 26
Simply put, a snowplane was a sleigh with a body on it and a propeller on the back end of a motor. Like the horse and sleigh before it, it didn’t need roads.  

Nurse Halladay and Boissevain’s First Hospitals      Web  / PDF      Vol.  V, Page 31
When the time came to open the doors on this new and much appreciated service, Nurse Halladay was appointed Matron.

Boissevain’s Dr. Bird    Web  / PDF     Vol.  V, Page 42
Dr Bird had to deal with many emergency procedures by the dim light in a homesteader’s bedroom.

“Connie” Riddell             Web  / PDF       Vol. V, Page 52
Because he worked for the CPR, and was subject to job trans- fers, he was instrumental in the sporting lives of three communities.

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#9 John Pritchard /   Barely Alive
A Fur Trade Era survival story.
#22: Deloraine's Dr.Thornton  /  Doctor As Needed  
Dr. Robert Thornton was there for the  folks of the Deloraine area - wherever called, and, whatever the weather.
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#30: Walter Thomas - After Dinner 

After a freak accident, some good fortune and a bit of kitchen table surgery saved his life.
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#54: Rest Rooms Designed By Women
The Women's Institute set out to improve life for rural women. Establishing Rest Rooms for women and children was a high priority. We owe them thanks.
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  Community Cooperation & Organization     Women Leaders    Children     Celebration    Government Influence

62: Smallpox  
In 1492 smallpox became endemic on the Euro-Asian and African continents. Residents there carried the disease but were immune to its effects. Noth American were not.
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Theme: Health and Well Being Format: Vantage Points Article

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