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Theme: Land Knowledge & Archaeology
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Mammoth Tusk       WebPDF      Vol.  III, Page 8
This find is one of only eight proboscidean discoveries in Manitoba and one of three tusks, the other finds being teeth.

Mullett Site     WebPDF      Vol.  III, Page 12
The period of the site’s occupation likely stretches from the Besant Period (BCE 500 to AD 750) right up to the pre-contact era.

Brockinton Site     
Web  / PDF     Vol. II  Page 33
The Brockinton archaeological site is located along the Souris River valley wall south of Melita. This site was occupied by three different cultures over the last 1600 years. These occupations left behind rare and archaeologically invaluable finds.
 During this site's earliest occupation, it was used as a bison pound.
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Turtle Mountain       Web  / PDF      Vol. I, Page 1
The creation, habitiation and settlement of a unique area.

Whitewater Lake       Web  / PDF      Vol. I, Page 2
The creation, habitiation and settlement of a unique area.

Lauder Sandhills       Web  / PDF      Vol. I, Page 3
The creation, habitiation and settlement of a unique area.
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Dand Stone Features  WebPDF
Vol. III  Page 16
The purpose behind these mysterious and unique features may never be determined

The Manitoba Land Survey Systems    Web  / PDF      Vol. I, Page 17
The surveying of prairie land went ahead of settlement, taking no consideration for the natural contours of the landscape whatsoever.

Lorna Smith Nature Centre      Web  / PDF      Vol. I, Page  41
The Lorna Smith Nature Centre just southeast of Boissevain was established in 1983 by the Turtle Mountain Conservation District as part of the reservoir project.

Harvesting & Hunting      PDF     Vol.  II, Page 14 - 20

Manitoba's Borders        Web  / PDF      Vol.  II, Page 43
The original size of the province was only one-eighteenth its present size. It was referred to as the “postage stamp” province due to its square shape.

Bison Rubbing Stone     WebPDF    Vol. III Page 9
In an era where herds of bison are but a memory, the bison rubbing stones remind us of a time well passed . . .
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The Souris River     WebPDF      Vol.  III, Page 10

Lauder Sandhills        WebPDF      Vol.  III, Page 13
10,000 BC - Present) The unique environment provided by the Lauder Sandhills attracted bison, which appealed to the early peoples who came to camp and live there.
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Snyder II Site      WebPDF     Vol. III  Page 15
The Snyder II Archaeological site is on the bank of the Gainsborough Creek just half a kilometer west of its junction with the Souris River. T

Turtle Mountain Forestry Reserve  
Web  / PDF      Vol.  III, Page 41
In 1895 the Minister of the Interior set aside 75,000 acres as the “Turtle Mountain Timber Reserve.”

Prairie Fire!      Web  / PDF      Vol.  IV, Page 44
It was a landscape shaped by the prairie fire, and the fires served their ecological purpose.

The Souris Plains in 1491     WebPDF     Vol.  V, Page 1
What was life like on the Souirs Plains before the Europeans arrived? It was interesting and by any measure, the home to many very successful civilizations.
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Theme: Land Knowledge & Archaeology
Format: Radio Broadcast

#4: Whitewater Lake 
Change is the only constant when it come to this large shallow body of water.
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Trails & Rivers      Fur Trade    Dakota, Nakota & First Nations    Settler - Pre-Railroad      Children

#8: Prairie Riches /   Photos by Hime
Observations by the first Prairie Photographer
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#13: Overlooking Fire 
The complicated history of the prairie fire, and the changes brought by Euro-settlers
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Dakota, Nakota & First Nations    Settler - Pre-Railroad      Innovation, Tools & Entrepreneurs       Homesteading / Agriculture      Land Knowledge & Archaeology

#15: The Legend of Wakopa 
Bernard LaRiviere's Stopping Place became southwestern Manitoba's first "settler" village - and an important one at that.

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Metis & Mixed Blood     Dakota, Nakota & First Nations  Settler - Pre-Railroad    Schools & Teachers  
Land Knowledge & Archaeology       Biographies &Characters

16: Story In a Stone 
The story of buffalo rubbing stones many of which are still identifiable on the prairie landscape..
#21 Sitting Eagle 
A visit from Sitting Eagle, the grandson of H'damani, the leader of IR #60, was an event many a child would remember.

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  Dakota, Nakota & First Nations      Children    Land Knowledge & Archaeology     Cross Cultural Learning 
Biographies &Characters      Government Influence

#26: Sankey at Waskada 
After seeing the world as a sailor, Charles Sankey settled down in Waskada - where he made a real impact.
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Community Cooperation & Organization      Schools & Teachers    Land Knowledge & Archaeology     Biographies &Characters

#29 Walter Thomas - Before Dinner 
Sometimes survical is about, choices


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Trails & Rivers           Settler - Pre-Railroad      Community Cooperation & Organization         Innovation, Tools & Entrepreneurs      Health     Land Knowledge & Archaeology      Biographies &Characters    Events & Adventures

#30: Walter Thomas - After Dinner 

After a freak accident, some good fortune and a bit of kitchen table surgery saved his life.
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Trails & Rivers             Settler - Pre-Railroad      Land Knowledge & Archaeology       Biographies &Characters

#31: Ready to Dig at GainsboroughCreek
People farmed in Southwest Manitoba many centuroes ago. They farmed the same fields beside Gainsborough Creek for over 200 years - growing corn, squash and beans.
#32: The Nakota  
The Nakota were frequently allies with explorers and fur traders. They enjoyed the benefits they got from trading but they were vulnerable to deceases Europeans brought.
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Fur Trade      Dakota, Nakota & First Nations     Schools & Teachers    Land Knowledge & Archaeology   Cross Cultural Learning        War & Conflict

#35: The Dakota
In the 1870's a delegation of Dakota-Sioux led by Chief H'damani sought  a reserve on Turtle Mountain. They had lived there in peace since 1862.
#36: Ninety - Acre Island (On Max Lake)
Max Lske was a recreational site, sawmill site... and for some a home.

#41: Alma Dale / The Chain Lakes Friends 
Friends got the name “Quakers” because of the way folks shake when profoundly moved by the Spirit.
Mrs. Alma Dale from Ontario came to the Chain Lakes area as a Minister iand made quite an impact.

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 Community Cooperation & Organization     Churches & Religion    Women Leaders     Homesteading / Agriculture     
Biographies & Characters
Celebration       Animals

#43: Buffalo Hunting / Buffalo Summer Hunt 
 Imagine, riding, full gallop within a tornado of stampeding buffalo, your knees steering your horse, filling your musket on the run, your mouth full of shot and your horn swith gunpowder, firing, reloading and firing again, perhaps 20 times in one run. It's a highly skilled, daring and disciplined affair.

#44: Winter Hunt  
Hunting buffalo at Turlte Mountain in the winter presents some challenges.
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     Fur Trade      Metis & Mixed Blood     Dakota, Nakota & First Nations          Innovation, Tools & Entrepreneurs              Animals

#55: Mining the Mountain
The Salter and Henderson mines , near Goodlands, became the most successful in Manitoba. They were separated by a barbed-wire fence.
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Railways      Innovation, Tools & Entrepreneurs    Children      Land Knowledge & Archaeology    Commerce & Work 
Biographies & Characters     War & Conflict

Theme: Land Knowledge & Archaeology

Cherry Point

Archaeological research on this site from 1973 to 1975 indicate that the McKean Culture used Cherry Point as a seasonal bison kill and butchering site beginning over 2000 years ago.

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