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Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

Volume 1

Great Northern Railway       Web  / PDF      Vol.  I, Page 30
Construction of the Great Northern Railway (GNR) began during the winter of 1905 and finished in 1906, covering the 69.5 miles (110 kms) from St. John's (Devil's Lake), North Dakota to Brandon, Manitoba.
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Volume 2

Harvesting & Hunting      PDF     Vol.  II, Page 14 - 20

Volume 3

Turtle Mountain Forestry Reserve   Web  / PDF      Vol.  III, Page 41
In 1895 the Minister of the Interior set aside 75,000 acres as the “Turtle Mountain Timber Reserve.”

Chain Lakes Quaker Church        Web  / PDF     Vol.  III, Page 46
The area around Chain Lakes was settled by Quakers—also commonly known as “Friends.”
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Volume 4

A Disturbance in the Classroom - By Edith King      Web  / PDF      Vol. IV   , Page  12
At the blackboard the young teacher determinedly was writing an exercise for the class. From behind her came a sudden but definite flip, flip, flip of an inkwell.

Deloraine's Dr. Thornton     Web  / PDF      Vol.  IV, Page 22
In Deloraine, in the first part of the twentieth century, if someone mentioned "The Doctor" it could refer to only one person: Dr. Thornton.
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Waskada's Blacksmith: Ren Amos     Web  / PDF    Vol.  IV, Page 23
Over a span of half a century, Ren operated his blacksmith shop. He had to rebuild it twice. His wife often helped him in the shop and together they lived and worked through countless changes in agricultural methods.

The Beef Ring      Web  / PDF     Vol.  IV, Page 27
Before freezers were in every home feramers found a way to share fresh beef.

What the Rats of Cranmer Knew     Web  / PDF       Vol.  IV, Page 50
The collapse of an elevator in Cranmer could have been dangerous, but there was some warning.
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Volume 5

By Ships, Trains and Ox-Carts     Web  / PDF     Vol.  V, Page 7
A look at the routes taken from Ontario to Maniotba's Southwest Corner

The Belgian Connection       Web  / PDF      Vol.  V, Page 21
Ab's claim to fame was as a chronicler of the times through his many articles for the local papers. 

The Pierson CPR Demonstration Farm     WebPDF      Vol. V, Page 24
The Pierson site, one of 13 on the prairies, included a full line of modern buildings, including a two-story four bedroom house. 

Why Locomotives Had Cow Catchers        Web  / PDF      Vol. V, Page 32
A 1948 derailment in Medora was caused by a sleeping cow on the track.
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An Elephant Story – By Jerry Drier             Web  / PDF     Vol. V, Page 33
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Gone to the Dogs     WebPDF     Vol. V, Page 38
In 1955 the Broomhill Curling Club received permission to sponsor the All American Field Trails complete with championship stakes. 

Home Delivery - The Drayman        Web  / PDF     Vol. V, Page 44
In addition to doing the daily deliveries from the station, the draymen did deliveries from merchants to customers. In the days before everyone had a car, many businesses would deliver.

The Rural Press - A Survival Story             Web  / PDF       Vol.  V, Page 45
A new village might have been considered to have “arrived” when it had a paper. For quite a while some towns had competing papers.

The Riverside Canucks of Baseball Fame       Web  / PDF      Vol. V, Page 46
The Riverside Canucks played for over 40 years at Riverside Park, on the banks of the Souris River north of Minto. They are in the Manitoba Baseball Hall of Fame.
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Theme: Animals
Format: Radio Broadcast

16: Story In a Stone 
The story of buffalo rubbing stones many of which are still identifiable on the prairie landscape..
#22: Deloraine's Dr.Thornton  /  Doctor As Needed  
Dr. Robert Thornton was there for the  folks of the Deloraine area - wherever called, and, whatever the weather.
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#30: Walter Thomas - After Dinner 

After a freak accident, some good fortune and a bit of kitchen table surgery saved his life.
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Trails & Rivers             Settler - Pre-Railroad      Land Knowledge & Archaeology       Biographies &Characters

#33: The Rats Of Cranmer 
The collapse of an elevator in Cranmer could have been dangerous, but there was some warning.
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  Railways       Community Cooperation & Organization        Homesteading / Agriculture        Animals   Events & Adventures

#37: George Morton / The Cheese King 
The name of the Municipality of Boissevain pays tribute to George Morton. He came to Turtle Mountain area in 1878 - and immediately saw the potential for large-scale cheese production - and other things.
#41: Alma Dale / The Chain Lakes Friends 
Friends got the name “Quakers” because of the way folks shake when profoundly moved by the Spirit.
Mrs. Alma Dale from Ontario came to the Chain Lakes area as a Minister iand made quite an impact.

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#43: Buffalo Hunting / Buffalo Summer Hunt 
 Imagine, riding, full gallop within a tornado of stampeding buffalo, your knees steering your horse, filling your musket on the run, your mouth full of shot and your horn swith gunpowder, firing, reloading and firing again, perhaps 20 times in one run. It's a highly skilled, daring and disciplined affair.

#44: Winter Hunt  
Hunting buffalo at Turlte Mountain in the winter presents some challenges.
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#45: Mountainside
Mountainside is one of several stops on the Lyleton branch. That railway is fondly remembered as the lifeline of small communities.

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#56: Gone To The Dogs  / Dog Training in Broomhill
Each summer whole families, mainly from the southern United States,  showed up in Broomhill. The local terain and climate was ideal for training hunting dogs.
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#57:  The Drowsy Cow 
Railway accidents were common and sometimes dangerous. Sometimes livestock was involved.

#58:  Elephants at Melita
It was around 1950. A Circus had visited Melita and was was heading to its next stop,when one of the trucks got stuck on a muddy road. Fortunately there were elephants to help out.

#59: Belgian Horses  /  Belgian Immigration in the Deloraine area.
The Government of Canada was advertising land. And new beginnings were what Belgian farmers needed. The open prairie sparkled in our minds as we prepared to come. Good thing we didn't know how rustic it'd be. And how we'd miss our big black horses. W

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62: Smallpox  
In 1492 smallpox became endemic on the Euro-Asian and African continents. Residents there carried the disease but were immune to its effects. Noth American were not.
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