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Theme: Schools & Teachers
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Eunola School   /   Web  / PDF       Vol.  II, Page 41
The doors of this rural schoolhouse have not remained entirely closed with the end of classes
1896 - 1962
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Grande Clairière Convent    /   Web  / PDF       Vol.  I, Page 29
The beginning of the Grande Clairière Convent was marked in 1898 when Father J. Gaire, the parish priest from Grande Clairière, was visiting the family of one of his parishioners in France.
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Lorna Smith Nature Centre /   Web  / PDF      Vol.I, Page  41
Established in 1983

Marsden Schools /   Web  / PDF      Vol.I, Page  38
The first Marsden School was constructed on the firebreak trail bordering the western edge of the Turtle Mountain Forestry Reserve. As it was built on top of a hill and could be seen for miles, it became a landmark of the area.

Prairie Skills Centre /   Web  / PDF   Vol. III   , Page  43
The many careers of a small-town stone churh    1896 - Present

A Disturbance in the Classroom - By Edith King      Web  / PDF   Vol. IV   , Page  12
At the blackboard the young teacher determinedly was writing an exercise for the class. From behind her came a sudden but definite flip, flip, flip of an inkwell.

Little Schools on the Prairie       Web  / PDF    Vol. IV   , Page  16
Single young women were the sought-after choice as teachers. In fact many jurisdictions specifically ruled out married women in the position.
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The Blizzard - By Marion Robinson       Web  / PDF      Vol. IV   , Page  48
It was a terrifying night. There was a long string of shaky stove pipes almost the length of the room, and with each terrific impact of the wind they shuddered and groaned.
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The Mission School       WebPDF    Vol.  V, Page 3
In 1892 the local Endeavor Society obtained some funds and set up a school in a donated cabin on the Turtle Mountain Reserve.
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Theme: Schools & Teachers
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  #5: Blizzard at West Brenda
A young teacher and her students spent a long night in the schoolhouse.  "The snow hit us with such force we were gasping. I couldn't even see my hand, stretched out."

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#10: The Sisters at Grande Clairiere
Father Gaire a Catholic priest from France to establish a mission in Manitoba. He chose the site of
French speaking Metis community south of Oak Lake and was welcomed.

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27: True Education  / Verona School
Like many a one room school, it went from being the "centre of this community" to being merely a "Historic Site.

#31: Ready to Dig at GainsboroughCreek
People farmed in Southwest Manitoba many centuroes ago. They farmed the same fields beside Gainsborough Creek for over 200 years - growing corn, squash and beans.

#53: Mission School
The Christian Endeavor Society operated a school on Turtle Mountain Reserve for a short while in the mid 1890's.
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Theme: Schools & Teachers

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