When a new rail line was built into a region the plan was to have a town about every fourteen kilometres. By the early 1900’s there was enough rail line competition to give the grain companies an incentive to be more accommodating.

The villages of Goodlands and Waskada were created when the C.P.R. line was built in 1899-1900. In 1906 an extra stop, called a siding, was built, at about the midway point and in 1913 the first of two elevators was open for business.

Farmers to the north and south of the new Cranmer siding appreciated the shorter trips to deliver grain.

The U.G.G. elevator at Cranmer closed in 1975, and like so many other sidings, whistle stops and hamlets, it disappeared from the maps.

Train and Plow at Cranmer

Elevator Collapse

** Photos from "Bridging Brenda

United Grain Growers grain elevators at Cranmer (1971)

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