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Turtle Mountain Coal Mining


During the 1930s the Salter and Henderson operations, (Also known as the Nestibo Mines) produced 95% of Manitoba's coal
over a span of about eight years.

The site is on private land and unmarked, but a Commemorative Plaque is located at the site of the nearby Deep Ravine Mine, on the west side of Highway 21 at Road 4.

N49.05857, W100.55626

Waskada Park

Charles Sankey was a dedicated community worker, who was the driving force behind the creation of this park in the early 1900’s 

Goodlands United Church & Goodlands Heritage Park


Built for a Methodist congregation in 1902.

Goodlands Heritage Park features a covered display of painted murals depicting the village in its heyday, along with the original bell from Lennox School No. 317.

Napinka School


Built in 1900 from locally acquired field stones, assembled under the supervision of stonemason I. J. Phinney.

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