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Street Scenes

Photo from the Postcard Collection at: Peel's Prairie Provinces

Image from Prairie Towns

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Image from Prairie Towns

St. George's Interior

The rink

A clip from a previous image...The Photo Studio was established as the home office of the Winnipeg Photo Co. ca. 1905.
It was responsibe for a large part of the photo record of the region.

DeWitt Bank

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The Fire Hall also housed the Jail

The hall is still in use.


Napinka is featured in the video Small Town Prayer by Sharon Marie White a talented singer / songwriter who grew up there and now lives in Cochrane Alberta.

A still from the movie

NFB Production:    Places Not Our Own

A 1985 production set in 1929 Napinka

1656 The Minnesota State Bankers' Association at Napinka, Manitoba, June 27th, 1902

These photos from Archives Canada Collection are identified
as "Banker's Association" and appears under the search item, "Napinka". The railway car is a "Great Northern". Their line ran between North Dakota and Brandon and did not pass through Napinka, although the tracks cross.

This photos from Archives Canada Collection a appears under the search item, "Napinka".  ??



Napinka Cemetery


Cement Blocks - made in Napinka'
A supply of blocks on George Anderson’s site near Napinka.

George Anderson’s Block Maker designed by H.S. Palmer.

Near Napinka, 1909.  Mb. Archives

One of two concrete block buildings left in Napinka