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Boundary Commission Trail       Web  / PDF      Vol. I, Page 4
The main highway - west.

Yellow Quill Trail       Web  / PDF      Vol. I, Page 6
The main highway - to the southwest corner.

Brockinton Site      Web  / PDF     Vol. II  Page 33
The Brockinton archaeological site is located along the Souris River valley wall south of Melita. This site was occupied by three different cultures over the last 1600 years. These occupations left behind rare and archaeologically invaluable finds.
 During this site's earliest occupation, it was used as a bison pound.

Sourisford Linear Burial Mounds         WebPDF      Vol.  2, Page 36
Artifacts from these thousand year-old burial mounds indicate the trade relations that existed upon the plains before convenient modes of transportation.
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Pierson         Web  / PDF     Vol.II   , Page 39
The Rise of a Town Planted Beside the Railway   1891 - Present

Copley Church       Web  / PDF     Vol.  II, Page 40

In the extreme southwest corner of the province of Manitoba there sits the ruins of a small church. The first church of any denomination to be built west of the Souris River.

Eunola School   /   Web  / PDF       Vol.  II, Page 41
The doors of this rural schoolhouse have not remained entirely closed with the end of classes
1896 - 1962

The Home Bank Scandal Hits Lyleton      Web  / PDF     Vol.  IV, Page 25
 On or about August of 1923, Stan Hill, the Manager of the Lyleton Branch of the Home Bank of Canada received a short telegram, delivered in code. It read; "Cease business, close the door."

A Piece of the Broomhill Store       Web  / PDF     Vol.  IV, Page 27
Perhaps when local Postmaster William Kilkenny and his brother John built it in 1908, they were not only optimistic, but also ahead of their time.

Fultonville     Web  / PDF     Vol.  IV, Page 36
"Fultonville", as the locals dubbed their venture, started off with three horses, a walking plow, a hoe, some pickaxes and a spade.

Norman Breakey - The Inventor from Pierson       Web  / PDF     Vol.  IV, Page 49
  So, who can we thank for this handy implement which saves time, effort and laundry costs? Well that’s a bit of a sad story.
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The Pierson CPR Demonstration Farm     WebPDF      Vol. V, Page 24
The Pierson site, one of 13 on the prairies, included a full line of modern buildings, including a two-story four bedroom house. 

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