Mail Delivery

Previous to 1883, the nearest post offices were Smith’s Hill, on the east, Wakopa, on the West and Glendenning on the north Mr. Chas. Bate opened the first post office in this district, in his house on the farm on the north shore of the Lake, April 1, 1883. When first the post office was opened the mail was fetched from Wakopa. It was brought by rail to Brandon, thence to Deloraine by courier. Another courier took it to Wakopa, and a third brought it from Wakopa to the newly opened post oflice at Killarney. Later it was brought in from Brandon, via old Souris City and Langvale. In the fall of 1886, Mr. Bate moved the post oifice into town and later built a dwelling and office on Williams avenue. Here the post office remained till 1923, several years after Mr. Bate’s death. T.J. Lawlor

The mail was brought in from Emerson, and the mail sack was emptied into Clevise’s big box, where each settler went and sorted out his own mail. Everything that was lost and found by some one was brought to this box. Later a regular mail route was established, coming in from Brandon. Clevises kept the first post office.
Alex Rankin