Pioneer Stories: Killarney – Turtle Mountain

About this Project

A little volume entitled, Stories of Pioneer Days in Killarney, first published long ago by the Oak Ridge Women’s Institute, is special in that it is a collection of first hand accounts. The writers were the pioneers. They saw it happen.

The stories cover the origins of Killarney and the communities surrounding Killarney with factual detail. Names are named, places are described, and stories are told.

You cannot replace the memories once the bearer of those memories has passed on. You can’t bring them back.

What we might do is make use of some resources that were not available to those pioneer writers. The digital revolution has given us access to a wide array of photos and maps that were once not easily accessible. Museums and archives and historical societies have collected, preserved and displayed those resources and more.

The goal of this project is to reproduce highlights from this excellent account with additional stories, photographs, and maps.  Many of these additional stories come from records created prior to the publishing of Killarney’s excellent local histories and carefully preserved by the J.A.V. David Museum. While these may not all have been first hand accounts, they were submitted by the close relatives of those early pioneers and have the ring of authenticity about them.

Ken Storie

“The early days were busy, but nor without its happiness as well as its drawbacks. There were no telephones, radios, or television, just the pleasures and conveniences they made for themselves. But I believe they lived it as happily as at the present time, with no regrets for having lived through pioneering of the prairies of Western Canada. “ (Harrison)


Where “Stories of Pioneer Days in Killarney was a the primary source, I have credited the author responsible – with gratitude for their part in keeping our history alive.

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Early Days (Credit: T. J. Lawlor)

Wakopa: Reminiscences (Credit: Alex Rankin)

Lena (Credit: Mrs. W. Lyons)

The Rowland District (Credit: J. E. Haight)

The Oak Ridge District  (Credit: Mrs. Harriet David

Pioneer Days

The Crofters

The Hullett District  (Credit: Mrs. M. Christian)

Northcote  (Credit: W. J. Schnarr)

Huntly and Glendenning (Credit: William Cummings)

Tisdale  (Credit: Byron Mason)

High View (Credit A. E. Barnard)

Smith’s Hill

Our Aboriginal Neighbours

Charles Havelock

The Photo Studio

Percy Edwards … Killarney’s Photographer

The Capture of the Strangler

A Murder, but no Mystery

The Inventive Mr. Kent …  Aviator & Storekeeper

The Safeway Store

The Reverend Mr. Anderson

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Additional short items from the Local Histories...

Trails and Crossroads to Killarney
"Reflections - Turtle Mountain Municipality and Killarney, 1882- 1982."