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When this hotel was torn down in the 1950s, the lumber, etc. was carted to Cartwright, MB where it was used to build the Prince Charles Hotel. Unfortunately, the Prince Charles burned down just a few years after it was built.


From the Archives of Canada - listed as a farm near Bannerman.


Knox Bellafield - 1940


The Young Grain Company, based in Killarney, had several branches, like this one in Cartwright.




The Joseph Hicks steam threshing outfit 1906  (Photo and info from Stan Hicks  - posted to the Turtle Mountain Flywheel Club.

Pictured here are Joseph Hicks on the grain box
Wellie Hicks on the water tank
Directly back of Wellie in empty rack with white horse Bill Murdock, next
to him with another white horse is Murdock's man,
Engineer Joel McCauley
Firemen Cuppie Patterson
Separator man Henry Weir
Team and empty rack W, Benison
Over the steam engine Garney Hicks on load of straw
On load of sheaves at machine in dark shirt Frank Taylor, on the
load with Taylor is a man from the east
Standing by the feeder is W. Millard

Hammond – Chapman Threshing Outfit 1904
With felt hat standing Gardiner Hammond
Felt hat and beard sitting Sam Hammond and Dick Hammond
Here is a quote from Beckoning Hills 1956 edition by R. F. Chapman.
“My first co-operative endeavor was the Hammond-Chapman Syndicate.
We bought a threshing machine, a Sawyer Massey engine, portable and a 36 inch
separator for $36.00. As this was satisfactory we threshed this way for seventeen years.”

North of Ninga - Hammond homestead was NE22-4-19

(Photo and info from Stan Hicks)

Here are two identical photos with different lables. The one above says. "Boissevain", the one below says., "Ninga".
I couldn't believe it was Ninga, but was pretty sure it wasn't Boissevain.

A close look at the next photo provides the answer...

Note the corner buildings, then scroll back up.



Tisdale School