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The Notable People Concept...

The Historic Resources Branch is now developing a project called “Notable People” that will build on these successes. The project will build upon the work done in Special Places Projects and be a logical next step in helping communities develop the necessary processes, protocols and products that will lead to a deeper appreciation and celebration of local heritage. It will also put in place the messages and frameworks that will initiate the community into the kind of sophisticated dialogue that defines heritage activity in the 21st century.


Killarney's Influential Citizens

From a survey of the local history books we have identified names that seem to have had an impact on the town and region and recorded the information available. We could have included more people and we realize that sometimes even important or interesting people might not be represented in those publications.  We are especially interested in locating descendants or anyone connected to the people on the list.

We would also like additional facts if you have them, photos or documents if available, and comments about how people have had an impact on their community and their world.
Once we have completed our list we will then work on identifying those people on the list who made special contributions or were significant or unique in some way.

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Along with the brief biographical sketch we have included text clipped from Local History Sources

Then and Now - Stories from Early Days of Killarney and Turtle Mountain, 1882 - 1957
Stories of Pioneer Days at Killarney: Published by the Women's Institute of Killarney. Reprinted in 2007 by the Oak Ridge Women's Institute
Trails and Crossroads To Killarney - The story of pioneer days in Killarney and Turtle Mountain District, 1882 - 1967
Reflections - Turtle Mountain Municipality and Killarney, 1882- 1982.
More Reflections: 1982 - 2007
Memorable Manitobans - Manitoba Historical Society
"Gems" of Killarney - A Collection of Women's Memoirs
"Gents" of Killarney - A Collection of Men's Memoirs