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Anderson, Rev. James Webster   (Clergy)

Arbuthnott, Richard  (Services / Professionals)

Baldwin. James Mathias  (Business)
Bate, Aquila  (Services / Professionals)
Bate, Charles  (Services / Professionals)

Bate, G. Eileen  (Municipal Administration)
Baxter, Dave (Builder)
Brooks, George Wesley (Builder)
Brown, Roy Wesley (Renown Individual)
Bedford, Howard  (Community)
Bell, William & Doris  (Community)
Best, Dr Robert Moore  (Medical Services)
Bird, Mr.  (Business)
Blackwell, Samuel (Pioneer)
Bridges, Winnie (Campbell)  (Community)
Brown, James Benjamin (Pioneer)
Brown, Walter and Hannah G.  (Services / Professionals)
Burrows, George (Business)
Buck, Thomas  (Pioneer)

Campbell, George (Pioneer)
Carson, William John  (Services / Professionals)

Chapman, James  (Pioneer)
Christian, Thomas  (Medical Services)
Church, Mary  (Medical Services)
Church, Robert  (Industry)
Clarke, Vilolet  (Community)
Coleman, William J.  (Business)
Cossar, Andrew  (Municipal Administration)
Cowan, James (Business)
Crawford, George (Pioneer)
Crawford, William (Pioneer)

Cross, Reuben (Business)
Crouse, Allan  (Builder)
Cummings, Caroline  (Educator)

Dagg, Richard (Dick) Lester  (Services / Professionals)
David, Alex (Pioneer)
David, James Alexander Victor   (Sport & Culture)
Davidson, W.  (Pioneer)
Dufty, Norah (Business)
Dufty, Peter (Business)

Dunn, William  (Services / Professionals)
Dunsford, James  (Business)
Duxbury, Dr. James  (Medical Services)
Edwards, P.C.  (Services / Professionals)

Fairhall.W.  (Pioneer)
Fawcett, Dr. John (Medical Services)
Finlayson Family  (Pioneer)
Finlayson, Catherine  (Medical Services)
Finnen, Alex  (Business)
Finnen, Grace (Scholes)  (Educator)
Finnen, Peter (Business)
Fletcher, Samuel  (Politician)
Floyd, Rev. M.P.  (Clergy)

Foster, Andrew (Municipal Administration)
Foster, Stuart  (Pioneer)
Fowler, Charles & Margaret  (Pioneer)
Fox, Thomas (Industry)

Gaetes, George Whyte  (Pioneer)
Gouldie, Alex (Business)
Grant, S.G.  (Business)

Haight, George  (Pioneer)
Hannah, John  (Municipal Administration)
Harrison, William  (Industry)
Hatch, W.H.  (Services / Professionals)
Havelock, Charles William  (Educator)
Hay, Arthur George  (Services / Professionals)
Hettle, John  (Industry)
High, Archie Martin (Business)
Hoar, Thomas  (Business)
Hossack, Samuel  (Pioneer)
Hunter, Henry  (Services / Professionals)
Hunter Pennick  (Services / Professionals)
Hysop, David  (Pioneer)

Jewell, Jabez  (Builder)
Johnson, Rev Walter Robert  (Clergy)

Kellaway, Sam  (Pioneer)
Kent, Fred  (Business)
Kilpatrick, F. (Business)
Kilpatrick, John (Pioneer)
Kellett (Stilwell), Ruby  (Sport & Culture)

Laird, Mrs. David  (Community)
Lawlor, T.J. (Business)  (Business)
Lawrence, George  (Politician)
Lawrence, Mrs. B.T. (Mary Cooney)  (Pioneer)
Lewis, Rev. Henry  (Clergy)
Lindsay, Jonathan (Business)

Little, Dr. Calvin Paterson  (Medical Services)
Lowery, Rev. J.W.S.  (Clergy)

McBurney, Thomas (Business)
McCalpin, James Henry (Business)
McCann, James  (Business)

McIvor, Rev. Dan  (Clergy)
McKnight, W.A.  (Business)
McNamee, Andrew  (Builder)
McNamee, William  (Services / Professionals)
McNaughton, James A.  (Business)
McQueen, Angus  (Business)
Melville, Mrs. John  (Business)

Monteith, George Bertram  (Services / Professionals)
Monteith, J.H.  (Services / Professionals)
Monteith, Robert  (Municipal Administration)
Moody, Martin  (Services / Professionals)
Moule, Fred  (Business)

O'Brien, John Sydney (Pioneer)
Olver, R.W.  (Business)

Parker, William (Business)
Parsons, George  (Business)

Pinkerton, George (Business)
Pinkrton, William Albert  (Builder)
Porter, John (Builder) 
Pritchard, William   (Sport & Culture)

Ramsay, William Francis
Rankin, John J.  (Pioneer)
Rankin, Alex  (Pioneer)

Richards, Charles  (Pioneer)
Rigby, Miss Annie A. (Business)
Rigby, Angus N. (Jack)  (Business)

Rigby, Captain John (Pioneer)
Rogers, Dr. I .M.  (Medical Services)
Rollins, Arthur (Pioneer)
Rollins, Frank  (Pioneer)

Rollins, Margaret (McGill)  (Municipal Administration)
Rollins, Robert  (Pioneer)
Rolston. Robert  (Business)
Rowe, Samuel  (Business)
Russell, James  (Pioneer)

Sanders, John (Pioneer)
Sanders, Willaim John (Jack).  (Pioneer)
Schnarr. William J. (Pioneer)
Scholes, Thomas Albert (Honey)  (Educator)
Scott, Gearge (Pioneer)
Scott, Phillip  (Pioneer)
Sherloch, Philip J.  (Business)
Shier, Robert (Pioneer)
Simpson, Frank (Business)
Smaill, James Wellington  (Business)
Stevenson. Fredrick Ernest (Business)

Stewart, Rev. Andrew  (Clergy)
Stilwell, Fred  (Services / Professionals)

Tayler, Augustus  (Pioneer)
Tayler, Edward  (Community)
Treleaven, George  (Business)
Vipond, Ralph  (Business)
Vipond, George Isaac  (Business)
Tweed, Dr. Dr. William Errington   (Medical Services)

Waldon, Thomas  (Services / Professionals)
Walker, Harry Ewart  (Services / Professionals)
Wallis, H. A.  (Business)
Wenman, Edward George,  (Teddy) (Builder)
Whyte, Rev. C.W.  (Clergy)
Whyte, Dr. James Thomson  (Medical Services)
Wilkins, Thomas E.  (Services / Professionals)
Williams. C.W.  (Business)
Williams, Ella  (Educator)
Williams, John (Pioneer)
Winram, George  (Business)

Woods, Isaac  (Services / Professionals)

Young, Finlay McNaughton (Politician)
Yule, William  (Educator)