Underhill Area

Underhill in 2016

The ghost community of Underhill took its name from Mr. John Underhill who arrived during the rush of settlement to this part of the prairies in the early 1880s.

Three elevators were swiftly erected with the arrival of the railway. Mr. A. E. Hill, who operated a store in nearby Hartney, opened a general store in Underhill in 1897. It was followed by a second before too long.

The first school in Underhill was called the Barber School No. 423 and was constructed over a kilometre south of the village in 1886. In 1909 it was moved into the village where it stood until 1928. A new school was built on the same site and used until 1961. The school building was always a social centre for the district. Activities such as amateur plays, Sunday School, card games and dances were held.

Passenger service to the Underhill station was discontinued in 1954. Soon the railway line was ripped up and rural schools were consolidated further shifting the focus from the small community to the larger surrounding centres.


Barber School Cairn – Underhill


The Underhill District 

Underhill Area Highlights

A.E. Hill Store
570.D.1 / 1899

Built by A.E.Hill, this later became a Co-op Store and the  Carter Grocery Store.

Chris Somerville Farm Site
SE  18-6-22
570.G.3 / ca. 1910

Chris moved to Hartney ca. 1910. The large brick house, frame outbuildings were still standing in 2013 on this large well-developed farm yard. 

Mrs. Weightman Stopping House Site
NE  9 – 5 - 22

Mrs. Weightman established a stopping house in 1882 and operated a Post Office in the home (1883 - 1906) named West Hall after their home in Northumberland, England.


Larson Home
SE 12-5-22
570.G.11 / ca. 1890 (Original Part)

There have been several additions and renovations to this old farm house.

The barn in the Larson yard built by Jim Reid.