In 1899, after the railway was built, a survey was made of the village of Fairfax and building lots were sold. 

The first general store was built in 1900, was operated by Mr. J. L. Hettle, who also became postmaster and Justice of the Peace. Three grain companies were quick to build elevators.  

Fairfax school was established in August 1902.  It became the Fairfax consolidated school in 1913 when it merged with Crown, St. Luke, and Plainville schools.


The first Fairfax School



  Fairfax & Area Highlights

Chambers House
 Main Street

Once owned by the Tufts - re-sided and remodeled

Graham Barn
NE 12-5-20W

This frame building on its stone foundation is a good example of an Ontario-style barn. The Grahams arrived from Ontario in 1881.
It is a Designated Municipal Heritage Site.


Fairfax Church Monument
159.F.1 / 1994

A church that once existed near this site originally hosted a Presbyterian congregation, starting in 1903. From 1920 to 1969, it was home for an Anglican church and, from 1925 to 1968, for a United Church. A community centre used the building from 1969 to 1991, at which time it was demolished. Some of the bricks from the original building were used to build this monument. Also in this monument is honour rolls listing those from the local area who served in the First World War and the Second World War.