Lauder & Region


Until the railway passed through Hartney on a path to Melita, Melgund was where residents in the Lauder area got their mail. It had a school and church as well. With the railway came the new towns of Lauder and Napinka. As soon as town sites were laid out there were people on hand eager to set up places of business and Lauder was no exception.

Before the end of 1892 there were numerous buildings and businesses.  In 1893 records for the town show seven married couples, fifteen boys and ten girls, with ten children in school.

As was common in all too many of these new towns, there were setbacks. A fire in 1894 did a lot of damage. The residents didn’t waste any time – they rebuilt.

By 1895 the town layout was firmly established. It had a rink and tennis courts and its curlers and tennis players were well known in neighboring towns, as were its baseball and hockey teams. There was a literary society and a bicycle club. Dances were held in Hamelin's hall.

Another typical business venture in many new towns was the “Cheese Factory”.

In 1895 the farmers of the area met to make plans. General approval was received and the factory was located just north of town. The rise in the road at this point was known for years as the "cheese factory hill".  The milk was gathered daily in large barrels and the whey returned to the farmers for feeding pigs. Henderson Directory 1897 lists W. Brigden as manager. 
It did not last too long - probably not more than year. Other enterprises included a mill and a lime kiln just north of Grand Bend School.

Lauder & Region Highlights

Melgund Post Office / Homesteader Cabin

NW 36-5-24
285.G.4 / ca. 1884


W.J. Higgins applied for a Post Office, to be named Melgund, in 1884. It was located on his homestead where this small shack served as home & office until a larger home was built.


Huffman House - Lauder, Main Street
285.C.1 / 1904

One of the few inhabited fine brick homes that once lined the streets of Lauder

Lauder United Church
Lauder Mb.
285.B.1 -1904

Originally a Methodist Church this well-built structure has endured.

It features a service platform at front, alongside entrance and displays details such as a pressed metal ceiling and  wood pews. It became a Union Church in 1917.


Lauder School
200 Lorne Street, Lauder 
285.E.1 / 1912

Lauder Leisure Centre & Post Office

The bell remains in place. The building retains its bracketed eaves and the transom over the entrance. 
Lauder SD # 779

The first Lauder School


W.J. Higgins Farm House
NW 36-5-24
285.G.4 / ca. 1905

W.J. Higgins was a pioneer and Postmaster.


Robert Grieves Farm House - NE 4-5-24
285.G.14 Ca. 1900


Built by Robert Grieves and now owned by Gylen Grieves. The property is home to this fine brick home, a frame barn & shed.


Bowles Garage
Lorne St. Lauder

W. Bowles bought Lot 1,Block 1, in 1916. (Not this site) In 1920 John Pentland bought a garage on Lot 1 Block 1 from Wm. Bowles.

Rink - Lauder


Pioneer Log House
SW  32-5-24 (Demolished ca. 2014)

Lath & plaster interior.
Photo in Lauder History p 17