The Manitoba Yearbook - 2022

Things to See & Do in Manitoba

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A loosely chronological record of our visits to Manitoba locations...


North of Carberry.

McKellar's Bridge. Souris River. North of Margaret

Nelson Creek Bridge - Margaret


Yet another WMA that has been abused by joy riding ATV users. The trail is littered with beer cans etc.

Riding Mtn.


Clear Lake May 23

Deleau General Store

Deleau Catholic Cemetery (In the Village)

Bethel Cemetery - North of Deleau

Drummond Bridge - Souris River - north of Lauder

Old Catholic Cemetery - south west of Dunrea


Hesselwood School Site north of Dunrea

Kirkham's Bridge


South of Dunrea

Northeast of Carberry

The Souris River west of Lauder

Minnedosa, from the Squirrel Hills Trail

St. Lupicin

St. Lupicin

St Vital

Roseisle Creek - east of Cardinal

Roseisle Creek - east of Cardinal


From a Souris Bend trail

Souris Bend

The Cypress River near the old site of Norquay (north of Somerset)


Lavenham, Main Street

A trail to the Assinibpoine River, south of Lavenham

The Assiniboine River, south of Lavenham

Beaconsfield Cemetery & Church - west of Cardinal.

Buttrum School, south of Dunrea

Ste. Therese Chapel - Cardinal

Former Hydro Dam on the Little Saskatchewan River, northwest of Brandon.

View downstream from the Little Sasktachewan Hydro Dam site

The Little Sasktchewan River from Daly Bridge, west of Brandon

The Little Sasktchewan River at Riverdale

Norte Dame

Bagot School Cairn

From the Brandon East trail


Lake Winnipgeg, north of Hnausa.

Hnausa Cemetery

The barge, Poplar River. being repaired at Hnausa Dock


Adam Lake

Jackson Lake

Jackson Lake

Anne Collier Cairn - Jackson Lake

Grand Beach

Grand Beach

Patricia Beach

Deep Bay - Clear Lake

Grayling Lake (Riding Mountain National Park

Souris River Trip / Riverside Bridge to McKellar's Bridge (North of Margaret)

We often stop at Riverside...

William Lake

Winnipeg Beach Campground


Resto Gare Bistro and Train Bar

Family-owned since 1983, located in a 1913 St Boniface Train Station with a train car and consistently serving the best French cuisine in Winnipeg.  

The old train station remains one of Winnipeg’s most stunning dining rooms. Historic elements like dark wood framing, grand lighting fixtures and railcar lounge speak of the  building’s train station past. Scarlet drapes and elegant upholstery emanate subtle sexiness. A gigantic lipstick red booth now divides the large dining room, and the best seat to snuggle with a date is in front of the industrial-chic fireplace.

Resto Gare Bistro is the most authentic French restaurant in the St Boniface French Quarter, offers full bilingual service and plays the latest Montreal francophone music. A trip to Winnipeg should include a trip to the French Quarter and we would be pleased if you included Resto Gare Bistro on your itinerary.

Spruce Woods Park (Visited Sept 5 - but this is an older photo.)

Gimli - South Beach

Winnipeg Beach

Spruce Woods Park

Punch Bowl Trail - Spruce Woods Park

Punch Bowl Trail - Spruce Woods Park

Stockton Ferry

Near Stockton Ferry


Supper at Homer's on Ellice


Hartney Junction - Between Belmont and Hilton

Medicine Hill - Hilton Area

Souris City / Souris River  -  Just South of Hwy 2 near Wawanesa

Souris City / Souris River  -  Just South of Hwy 2 near Wawanesa


Road allowance NE of Hartney

East of Hwy 10, between Minnedosa and Erickson

Polonia Cemetery Rd.

Proven Lake Trail

North of Rackham

Stony Creek. north of Franklin

Hwy 250, north of Newdale.

Gregory Mill Trail - South of Wawanesa

Taken just off of Burbank Road, Riverside area.

Trail over the old railway bed, where it crosses a creek north of Minto.

Railway crossing

Drainage tunnel.

Otter Lake

Big Valley - Just wets of Birnie


Squirrel Hills (Minnedosa)


Portage la Prairie

Oliver Conservation Habitat Trail - NE of Carberry

Lang's Crossing Rapids

Lang's Crossing Trail

Cadurcis Cemetery

Former Cadurcis Church


Salt Lake - near Strathclair

Bethel Church Site.

Work visit to Deleau - Ken is doing a village local history book fopr the commujity.

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