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With the coming of the railway in 1904, the village of Lena came into being. The post office, operated for 13 years by Fred Burrows one mile south was moved to Lena. The name was the result of a contest run by the post office. James W. Johnston submitted the name 'Lena', that being the name of his daughter.

The first store operated by A.B. Langenfeld was 40' x 60' with living quarters above.

The Young Elevator came into existence shortly after the railway came through. It was later bought by the Paterson Co. Some of the operators were Billy Clements, Jack Sillers, Jim Miller, Andy Miller, Herman Finnen, Keith Stewart, Wilfred Anderson, Bill Weibe, Ken McTaggart, Dave Janzen and Larry VanCawenberghe.

The Pool Elevator was organized by local farmers in 1928 and Frank Earley had the distinction of being operator until he retired in 1960. Ross Ferguson ran the Pool until 1961 when the railway was taken up and the elevator sold to some local farmers.

'Manitoba Pool grain annex at Lena being moved to Killarney by Earl Gordon Johnston
Source: Shelley Johnston-Frith

Oct 14, 2022 - Crossroads News

The Wakopa Road Museum is hidden the trees top left.

The CNR provided employment for many people over the 57 years it ran through Lena. Grain, livestock, cream and eggs were all shipped out with coal, wood, Eaton orders, baby chicks, etc. coming in. The mail came by train in the early days but later was delivered from Killarney by Davie Mason with horses or truck as the weather dictated. Some of the people working as station agents or track men were George Giddings, Herb Hardy, Frank Sherman, Albert Rivest, Bill Watson, Raymond Lyons, Gus Knutte, Tom Thorton and George Grant.


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