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Anderson's SidingWakopa

The Wakopa Subdivision

When the Southwest Branch reached Killarney and Boissevain in 1885, patterns of commerce that had been in place for about five years, changed overnight. The new towns created on that line eclipsed Wakopa as commercial centres, and Wakopa area farmers were better off in that they now had to travel only ten or twenty miles to the nearest elevator. But there was always that hope that more branch lines would be built and established farmers kept advocating for better service.

Around 1900 a proposal was being considered that would meet their needs. A branch of the Canadian Northern Pacific line that had established the towns of Baldur, Belmont and Wawanesa would connect to that line near Greenway and proceed southwest to the Wakopa region.  In 1903, the work began on the Wakopa Subdivision, known locally as simply the “Wakopa Line” or just “The Wakopa”. The rails were laid to Wakopa by 1906, and regular service began.