Strategies Directory

Using General Print and Online Resources:

A1. Using Primary Sources  (pdf)
A2. Primary Source Analysis Tool
A3. Analyzing Books and Other Printed Texts1

Using Timelines:

B.1. Living Timeline   (pdf)
B.2. Family Timeline    (pdf)
B.3. Using Timelines  (pdf)

Using Maps:

C1. Map Analysis Worksheet   (pdf)
C2. Map Study   (pdf)

Using Photographs

D1. Photo Analysis Worksheet   (pdf)
D2. Analyzing Photographs and Prints
D3. Photo Analysis Worksheet 2

Using Museums

E1. Using Material Culture   (pdf)
E2. Artifact Analysis Worksheet   (pdf)
Using the Community

F1. Cemetery Study1  (pdf)
F2. Cemetery Studies 2   (pdf)
F3. Local Heroes  (pdf)

Ideas and Discussion

G1. Built Environment Study    (pdf)
G2. Primary Sources Overview     (pdf)
G3. Teaching History in Museums (pdf)

G4. Best Practices

MS Word Docs

Much of this collection is available as an MS Word Document that you can customize as needed. E-mail me at:

Local History Resources

The Turtle Mountain - Souris Plains Timeline (Download)

Regional Bibliography

Regional History Websites

Two Borders  Grassland   Melita   Sourisford 

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