The Turtle Mountain - Souris Plains Region

An Overview of Our History

Turtle Mountain and The Souris Plains

The Turtle Mountain – Souris Plains Heritage Association (TM-SPHA) strives to take a regional approach to heritage by involving a collection of towns, municipalities, Métis Association locals and concerned citizens. We work cooperatively to protect heritage sites, collect and share stories, attract visitors and promote creative and partnered economic development. We are working towards having this culturally and environmentally diverse region broadly recognized for its dynamic history, marvelous beauty and spirited cooperation.

Our area of activity is southwest Manitoba, though we concentrate our energies on the municipalities and towns which lend us their support. We continue to look at expanding our area of interest by creating new partnerships.

Our Heritage Association has published 4 – 60 page booklets called Vantage Points, collections of local stories that highlight our fascinating past. Each booklet contains up to 40 individual articles. Two have been almost exclusively about the lives and deeds of the European settlers of our region; stories about villages, local leaders, adventures and hardships. One volume focuses heavily on the Metis settlers of the Turtle Mountain region, who maintain a strong presence in our community today.

This Special Edition of Vantage Points, is intended as a foundation document - a resource that teachers across southwestern Manitoba can turn to when they need an overview of the general history of our region.

Funding provided by the Heritage Grants Program.