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7. The First Hunters

8. Big Game

Mammoth Tusk  WebPDF
Vol.  III, Page 8

Skull Swamp    WebPDF
Vol.  IV, Page 7

Bison Rubbing Stone  WebPDF
Vol. III Page 9

Mullett Site   WebPDF
Vol.  III, Page 12

9. The Buffalo People

10. Establishing a Buffalo Lifestyle

Makotchi-Ded Dontipi
(The Place Where we Lived)   WebPDF
Vol.  III, Page 13

11. The Hunt Brockinton Site   Web  / PDF
Vol. II  Page 33

12. Weapons & Tools

Snyder II Site   
Web  / PDF
Vol. III  Page 15

Cherry Point Buffalo Kill Site

14. First Nations

Dand Stone Features 
Vol. III  Page 16

Sourisford Linear Burial Mounds     WebPDF
Vol.  2, Page 40

Snyder II Site     Web  / PDF
Vol. III  Page 15

8. Territory Changes

9. The Nakota (Assiniboine)

Assiniboine (Nakota)    Web  / PDF
Vol.  II, Page 47

10 The Dakota
Dakota Claim in Canada   WebPDF
Vol. II Page 48

Eva McKay: The Dakota Experience  
Vol.  III Page 22

Chief Inkpaduta   WebPDF
Vol.  IV, Page 39

Sitting Eagle    WebPDF
Vol.  I, Page 7

Turtle Mountain Reserve IR#60
Vol.  I, Page 18