A Research Project

The project contains a series of documents relating to the impact of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway on the creation and development of the Town of Rivers, Manitoba.

Central to the project is a Timeline which provides a framework from which a series of documents examine various aspects of the story.

Each component is available as a stand-alone module to be adapted for use on Displays, Posters, Signs, Pamphlets, Booklets, Educational Materials, and Website components.

Each component comes with a resource file containing high-resolution copies of photos, maps and other images used in the article.

Presented by The Rivers Train Station Restoration Committee

The Committee would like to acknowledge
the support of Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Tourism
in the development of this initiative,
through a grant from the Heritage Grants Program
and through ongoing guidance and support of the
Historic Resources Branch.

Project Contents

A Short History of the Grand Trunk Pacific

The Grand Trunk Pacific

Rail Beds and Trestle Bridge Construction

The Impact of the GTP on Rivers and the R.M. of Daly

The Roundhouse and Shops

Train Wrecks and Other Mishaps

Labour Unrest on the GTP
The Alsford Murder Trial

Railway Facilities in Rivers – A Pictorial Tour

The Railway Dam & Pumphouse

Notable People in the Grand Trunk Story

Railway Job Descriptions and Terms

Excepts from Railway Manuals