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Special Places in Boissevain
An Inventory of Historic Sites - Available at the Municipal Office

Vantage Points Stories

**Print copies have been presented to the Museum

Vantage Points Stories



All Saint's Church

A Tale of Two Mill Fires

Ben Arde: Mountainside Store Operator

Blue Flea: The train that hopped between rail lines had its beginning in the community of Dand

Border Stories


"Cricket Anyone?" The Waubeesh English Settlement

Delivered By Train - Prairie Style

Fox Sawmill

George King General Store

Lake William

Lorna Smith Nature Centre

Mennonite Settlement in Southwest Manitoba

Mountainside General Store

Mr. Bryan's Whistle Stop
In 1981 Earle Currie, in a written submission for Beckoning Hills Revisited, recalled the day the famous American politician and orator stopped in Boissevain.

Old Wakopa: The first “stopping place” for settlers heading west

St. Paul's Church

Strathallen School

The Anchorage

The Boundary Commission Trail

Turtle Mountain City and Wabeesh

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Turtle Mountain Coal Mines

Information about communities can be found in the document: Turtle Mountain and The Souris Plains - An Overview of Our History

The document can be found in schools and online...

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Precious Load: Tales of a Turtle Mountain Trapper

Turtle Mountain Mud – The Story of Manitoba’s Coal Mines

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