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A Sense of Place

The Beckoning Hills Museum has several displays and artifacts that emphasize its connection to the surrounding region. This rare photo of Cadzow Station leads us into the story of the role of the railway in binding the region together and connecting it to the wider world.

Cadzow was a train stop midway between Boissevain and Whitewater. 

The TM-SPHA has an extensive collection of maps – excerpts from which can enhance the meaning of displays such as this.

Cadzow was a stop between Boissevain and Whitewater on the Pembina Branch of the Canadian Pacific Railway.  A small portable station was built was built in 1910 and was sold in May, 1968.

This station was used as a place to pick up the kids for school. Fresh waterfowl and other game was packed in ice and shipped to places like Chicago.

The name came from Cadzow Castle in Scotland, the original home of the Hamiltons.

A hunter by the name of Cadzo homesteaded in the region.