Strategies Directory

Using General Print and Online Resources:

A1. Using Primary Sources   (MSWord Document)
A2. Primary Source Analysis Tool (pdf)
A3. Analyzing Books and Other Printed Texts1 (pdf)
A4. Analyzing Books and Other Printed Texts2 (pdf)

Using Timelines:

B.1. Living Timeline   (MSWord Document)

B.2. Family Timeline   (MSWord Document)

B.3. Using Timelines   MSWord Document)

Using Maps:

C1. Map Analysis Worksheet
C2. Map Study

Using Photographs

D1. Photo Analysis Worksheet  MSWord Document)

D2. Analyzing Photographs and Prints (pdf)  MSWord Document)

D3. Photo Analysis Worksheet 2 (pdf)

Using Museums

E1. Using Material Culture   MSWord Document)

E2. Artifact Analysis Worksheet   MSWord Document)

E3. Change Happens   MSWord Document)

Using the Community

F1. Cemetery Study1  MSWord Document)

F2. Cemetery Studies 2   MSWord Document)

F3. Local Heroes  MSWord Document)