Did You Know?

1. Some Melita "Firsts"
2. Fun Facts

1. Some Melita "Firsts"

First Settlers in the R.M., of Arthur:  Charles West was living in a dugout shanty by the river when Walter F. Thomas, with James Kinley and Alfred Dugay, arrived in  Dec. 1879 . Only Thomas remained for any time.

First Municipal  Council

Reeve:  James Downie   Councilors:  Amos Snyder, Dr. Dann, J.B. Elliott, Andrew Lyle

First Post Office: Mancherster (Melita)  R.M. Graham's House :  Menota 4-4-26

First Postmaster at Elva: Hugh James Archibald

First to Own a Binder: John Wesley Snyder

First Wedding in the District Rev.A.D. Wheller and Miss W. Langdon
First Wedding in the Presbyterian Church: James Polwarth & Jeannie Grierson 1892 - service by Rev. White

First Car In Town: 1908 - Mr. Richards, manager of the Northern Bank -

First Child Born in the Wilson Hospita: Frederick Wilson Fournie

First Church Services:  First Sunday in August 1882 at the home of Alf Gould - A.D. Wheller
First Anglican Church Service: Rev. Cartwright

First Resident Minister:

First Resident Dentist: Dr. D.D. Stratton, 1903 - 1917

First Business: R.M. Graham's Store in Manchester

First Hotel Owner: John Cobb came from Virden in 1890

First Teacher in Melita:

First Community Picnic at Sourisford: 

First Blacksmith:  James Duncan

First Frame House: Alex Trerice 12-4-27 1882

First Brick House - James Duncan

First Bridge - 1891

Lake of the Woods Elevator Agent: Mr. Hays, then Pete Dunbar

2. Fun Facts

John Cobb Family lived in a double decker tent while Melita's first hotel was being built in 1890

Robert Love operated the "Melita Shoe Hospital" from 1910 - 1924 the building he used is still standing - and was later the site of "Lefty's Grill"

In the period between the "Pioneer Era" and the openning of the hospital most babies were born in "Nursing Homes" or Birthing House", private homes run by a Nurse or Midwife. Mrs. Mainland ran one at 36 Souris Street. Notable citizens such as Bill Warren were born there!

Frank Morrow, a mason, bricklayer and plasterer, who worke on Melita's first sidewalks, also worked on the Banff Springs Hotel.  His name still can be found in an old sidewal on Maple Street.
In 1935 the T. Eaton Company was the owner of the Melita Creamery  9763)