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Captain Large and the Empress of Ireland

(pdf booklet)

Creating a Future by Examining the Past: The Ancient Archeaological Record

Excerpts from "Our First Century"

1: Early History By A. B. Estlin
2: The Yellow Quill Trail taken from "Melita's Tails and Trails" K. H. Williams
3: The Boundary Commission Trail - A. B. Estlin
4. The First Settlers by A. B. Estlin
5: Land Titles Excerpts by A. B. Estlin
6: The Municipality of Arthur and its History by Charles F. Campbell
7: "Old Man River" by A. B. Estlin
8: Post Offices excerpts by A. B. Estlin
9: Excerpts from "Early Settlements and Townsites along the Souris River" by H. H. Saunderson
10. Cemeteries
11:  Municipal Government -  taken from "Sourisford and Area From 1879"

Pioneer Writing from “Our First Century”

12. R.M.Graham
13. Thomas Hope
14. I.T.Lennox
15. John Salisbury
16. F.W. Thomas
17. John Williams
18. Harmon Beef Ring
19. Dr. Livingstone
20. Mr. & Mrs. Richardson

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Captain Large

21. Excerpt from the New Era, 1977

Scanned Documents

22. Receipts
22. Sales Receipts
24. C.P.R Magazine Article