Heritage Photos  TM-SPHA Special Places - Highlights #1

7. Cemeteries

Fish Lake Metis Cemetery - Lake Metigoshe area.

In the eraly days, Métis community members who died were buried at a local cemetery along Dromore Lake referred to by Elders as “the hill cemetery” but also known as the Fish Lake Cemetery. It was established on the Elzear McLeod homestead around 1910, likely as a resting place for Louis McLeod’s baby daughter. Sometime early in the 1920s, municipal councilors established it as an official gravesite. The Catholic Church consecrated it and a priest was in attendance for at least one funeral. Sometimes the funeral ceremony would be held in the nearby McLeod home.

No crosses or markers remain but local elders have been able to identify the general location of the burial grounds.

Although wooden crosses once marked the resting place of Louis Racine Sr. and a few other important elders of the Metis Community, only a few low mounds offer any clues as to the location of individual graves.

Fish Lake was the earlier name for nearby Lake Metigoshe.

McLeod farm - site of original property owner of the Fish Lake Cemetery

Diana Icelandic Cemetery

The region  was settled by Icelandic settlers, beginning in 1892. Some came from the R.M. of Argyle.

A fenced cemetery in the north-west corner of the Municipality of Two Borders, in a farm field about one-third of a mile from the nearest road, contains the graves of Johann Gottfred (1898), Thelma Regina Tait (1901), Baby Kristjanson (1916), Einar Johannesson (1916), Gestur Davidson (1919), Thorsteinn Einarsson (1921), and Margret Oddson (1921). A monument in the cemetery lists their names.

The Melita Cemetery Chapel / Vault was built in 1908. The 2-storey structure features a storage rack for coffins in lower level.
It is built into hillside for access from outside.

Old Deloraine Cemetery


"Old" Deloraine was just south of where the railway created "New" Deloraine.