Heritage Photos  TM-SPHA Special Places - Highlights #1

6. Banks

Built in 1904, this bank building in the village of Elgin in the Municipality of Grassland was originally two storeys high, providing accommodation for the bank manager on its second floor, which was removed in the 1950s. The bank closed in 1995 and now serves as the Elgin and District Historical Museum.

The  bank was part of a busy Main Street.

The Tilston Royal Bank (far right) has also seen extensive alterations and various uses since it closed in 1935.

Bank of Hochelaga - Grande Clairiere
Opened as “la Banque Nationale” by Father Pierquin and originally located in the Rectory.

Later changed to La Banque d’Hochelaga and located in this building, which was located just north of the Rectory.

Banks were an important service to a new agricultural community, but consolidation of services had already started by the 1920's.