Heritage Photos  TM-SPHA Special Places - Highlights #1

4. Hathaway / West Hall

Hathaway / West Hall

This is an example of of railway siding that never became, or perhaps was never intended to become, a village.

When a new rail line was built into a region the plan was to have a town about every fourteen kilometres. But that left many farmers  some distance to haul their grain and smaller sidings were sometimes added. The line from Boissevain to Lauder was built in 1913, near the end of an era of intense railway expansion and optimism.

The station, a converted railway car, was called Hathway, but the communit has roots in the early settlement days.

Mrs. Weightman operated a stopping house and a Post Office in her home beginning in 1883. It was called West Hall in memory of the Weightman farm home in England.  A site was chosen on the Weightman property for a school, also to be to be named West Hall.