Travel Adventures

I had a trip in the fall of 1881 from Crystal City to old Desford and back, and had dinner and supper in one meal at Joe McKibbon’s, Badger Creek. All the country was burnt black, not a blade of grass to be seen A prairie fire had swept the country, starting about where the town of Melita is now, and extended to Cartwright before it was brought under control.  Alex Rankin 

A man by the name of Hill, a Hudson Bay trader, was out five days in a blizzard his legs were badly frozen to the knees, and his arms to the elbows. He crawled from Wood Lake to Wakopa, a distance of five miles. The Indians found him and took care of him. They daubed the frozen parts with a knife before thawing, so that the congealed blood would ooze out in thawing, the parts healing perfectly.

Alex Rankin