Museums in Killarney
Heritage Home for the Arts

The Killarney Turtle Mountain Arts Council (KTMAC) provides opportunities for Killarney citizens of all ages to enjoy and participate in the arts and cultural activities of our community.  Through the Heritage Home for the Arts, Killarney’s community arts and culture centre, the Council is able to provide stimulating, thought-provoking and appealing exhibitions that showcase local and regional artists and that attract people from all over the province.   The only such space in Killarney, the Heritage Home is a public amenity, a hub of activity and a gathering place for learning.  

The Heritage Home offers classes and workshops on a variety of different types of artistic expression as well as space for artists to come together to share their work and learn new techniques.  The Heritage Home is a resource for anyone in the community wanting to learn more about the arts or wanting to try their hand at a new type of artwork.

Funding for the ongoing work of the KTMAC is entirely through donations.  The restoration of the Heritage Home, a capital project, was funded by municipal and provincial governments, corporate and small business donations, foundations and the generous support of our community donors.  The operation and funding for the Heritage Home is now the main focus of the Arts Council.

Hours and Admission

The Centre is currently open regularly 4 days per week for our monthly exhibitions – from Tuesday to Friday, 12 noon to 4:00 pm.  Workshops and classes are also held evenings and weekends and are geared towards all age groups.  In the future, it is hoped that funding will become available that would allow the Centre to be open more often, particularly evenings and weekends.

All of the activities are open to the public and wherever possible are provided at a nominal fee that is accessible for everyone.   Exhibitions are free but donations are always welcome.

Description of Historic Place:

This wood-frame Demonstration Farm House, which is 100+ years old, was built in 1915 as a single-family dwelling. It is surrounded by mature trees in the center of Killarney's tourist area.

Heritage Value:

The Demonstration Farm House at Killarney, now the Heritage Home for the Arts, is a rare and surviving link to an early phase in the Manitoba government's efforts in agricultural research and education. The structure housed the manager of an Agricultural Demonstration Facility established when George Lawrence, a Killarney pioneer, was Manitoba's Minister of Agriculture. The purpose was to identify and promote farming practices and crop varieties suited to this particular region of the province. The large dwelling, with its prominent dormers and wide shady veranda, is a fine example of the typical four-square farmhouses built across southern Manitoba in the early 1900s. Although subject to various uses since the demonstration farm was closed in 1946, including as a Royal Canadian Mountain Police barracks, a private school, and a museum, the house retains much of its exterior integrity and interior layout and character.