Elphinstone /  2016

Another historically significant spots in Westman.

It was the site of a Hudson's Bay Company Trading Posts and the village was founded in 1880 and named after Lord Elphinstone who had acquired an 8000 acre land grant from Queen Victoria. The Trans-Canada Trail and the Little Saskatchewan River run through the village.

The view from the south.


  The Cemetery is on a hill to the north of the village.

This steam engine powered a busy sawmil from 1880 - 1886. Logs were floated downstream as far as Brandon. The engine came from Scotland, via Churchill, Lake Winnipeg and The Assiniboine River. From St. Lazare it was transported overland to a site near this display.

The view from the Sawmill Heritage Display - The Mill was straight ahead - on the Little Saskatchewan River

The Trans-Canada Trail