#6: Healthy Communities think about accommodating pedestrians.

Pedestrian Access

When did we start building city developments without sidwalks?

As important as it is to keep walkways clear in the winter it is, of course, important to have sidewalks to start with.

Why would we allow a commercial or residential complex to ignore pedestrian access?

A "Corner Store" - but perhaps not a "Convenience" Store?

Pedestrians had to
approach via the driveway - no sidewalks approach from any direction. Maybe that's one reason the business didn't survive? We make sure cars are accommodated - and at great expense.

The Corrall Centre - A Photo Essay

For a great example of how not to be pedestrian friendly I suggest you talk a walk around Brandon's Corral Centre.

Our Berlin Wall - keeping them out or keeping them in?

A fence with no gate runs the entire east side of the Corral Centre. It even runs past the stores and part way up the hill as if to make it difficult to get around it.

Why are we discouraging people who live in the north end from walking to the main shopping centre?

Or to put it another way ... why are we allowing the owners to not provide pedestrian access?

Once inside - notice the wonderful pedestrian prevention fixtures.   If you are walking on the street (because there is no other way) and you leap to avoid being run over by unregulated car traffic, you could just end up breaking a leg.

The Corrall Centre is a dangerous place for pedestrians.

Come by car - to the walk-in clinic. Nice wide divided access!

How about a nice walk to Montana's - blaze your own trail. The walkway goes right by.

Walking north along the nice walk/bike path - you might expect  they would want to make it easy to turn into the Corral Centre!
No - share the road with vehicles. No posted speed limits and certainly no enforcement.

Are the nice attractive fence / shrubbery / antique farm implement fixtures meant to prevent walking?
Quite effective.

Not one single pedestrian access on the entire west side!


Pedestrian Access & Networks