#2: Healthy Communities are that way by design.

Lake William

This small lake in Turtle Mountain Provincial Park is notable for several reasons.  The water is amazingly clean and free from algae, making it one of the few lakes in southwestern Manitoba where one can really enjoy swimming. The restriction on the use of gas-powered boats makes it a great place for paddling.  A day at the beach is so much more enjoyable (and safer) without the noise and smell of power boats. The nearby Turtle's Back HIking Trail is a bonus and the summit offers a great view. The campground is equiped with modern facilites but the campsites have a natural feel, and some of the sites border on the lake.

I think it is a perfect example of the type of healthy, sustainable place to spend some time. Part of that is simply its location, the lake is not in a drainage basin in the midst of intensive agricultue.  It is far removed from large urban cenrtes and the waste they produce.  The water is simply cleaner. At the same time it is close enought to be convenient.

But added to that natural advantage is the way in which the park has been developed to take advantage of the natural attributes. Design matters. Intentions really matter.

I'll let the photos tell most of the story....

The beach is small but the grounds are spacious and well-treed. The large grassy area slopes down towards the beach at a fairly steep grade.
Everyone has a great veiw. The beach parking is close enough to be convenient but removed from sight.

This is a view of the beach taken from out on the lake.

The Turtle's Head is visible across the lake.

A very convenient spot to lauch - separated from the beach by trees - but just a short walk to both the beach and to the campground.

Taken from the hiking trail which
starts about a kilometre from the beach.

The lookout on Turtle's Back - this old tower was replaced in 2019.

A great vantage point from the lookout tower, and a good view of the lake

So - to recap. A well designed and well managed place for swimming, paddling, hiking, camping, picnicing....and 15 minutes from great shopping in Boissevain or Killarney. As if that isn't enough, the International Peace Gardens and dozens of other lakes, trails, and natural attractions are nearby.

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