#21: Healthy Communities protect Natural Places

The Rosedale Farm Trail

Manitoba has a great variety of hiking trails. They vary from rough and natural to manicured and meticluous. They are all great places.  The Rosedale Farm has many notable advantages and comes with a great origin story. It is much more than just a trail - its a living example of a land reclamation project.

The Trail is located 5 miles west of Eden on Rosedale Farm.
In the 1960’s it became apparent that traditional farming practices were not sustainable on these slopes of the Maniotba Escarpment.  The municipality sought help from the Province. The government responded by purchasing the eroded land allowing the land owners to move to land better suited to grain farming.

The SE and NW of 23-16-16W were purchased in 1966 and was used to test and demonstrate practical solutions to the erosion problem. In 1971 the NE quarter was added.

In 2010, a group of local citizens established an all-season foot trail through the farm property. The trail passes through a variety of vegetation and topography and offers stunning views to the east of the Riding Mountain Escarpment. Interpretive signage helps to explain the history and features of the farm.

First some 200,000 trees were planted over three years. Two small dams were built in 1969. Also in 1969 the first forage crop, 10,600 bales were taken from 159 acres

In 1977 the Whitemud Conservation District took over the farm, demonstrating good management practices to landowners in the area and visitors from across Canada. Everyone is welcome to tour the farm.

The signage is informative as to history...

And as to directions.


It is obvious that the site is well cared for. The trails are well marked, the rules are clear.
It is no coincidence that we found not a single Bud Lite can on our hike, and  the signs havn't been vandalized by shotgun fire.

A variation of the "corduroy road"

A sturdy  picnic table - near a great lookout.

A great variety of trees.

The Rosedale Farm Trail is a fine example of best practices in the site selection, design and maintenance of a hiking trail.