We Made Hartney

We Made Hartney


Merchant and Politician James Hartney



A FARM THAT SOON ATTRACTED the attention of the other settlers was that of James Hartney, who returned in 1882 to the section on which he had John Fee and Sam Long (the first settlers in the area) plough several acres the fall before. He purchased that whole section and all of section 7 from the CPR and hired several men to break the sod and prepare it for crop. The men were fed by Betsy Fraser, who, with her son Jack came from the same part of Ontario as the Hartneys, and was cook and housekeeper at the Hartney farm before, and for some time after, the arrival of Mrs. Hartney and her sons Clarence, Russell, James and Harold. His first year, Mr. Hartney sold 160 acres of wheat and his returns were encouraging. That fall he imported a carload of Red Fife wheat from Minnesota, which came to Brandon by rail. After reserving enough seed for himself, Mr. Hartney sold the remainder to other settlers, who hauled it from Brandon. In this way James Hartney began for the district the reputation of being a first class wheat producing area, and his farm became well known to settlers for many miles around.

An entry in Sam Long’s diary on January 1, 1884 told of a New Year’s Eve party at James Hartney’s attended by the neighbours for several miles around. After the party Sam Long went home with George Fredericks, because each felt the need of companionship as he started a new year, and because they were both to be the guests of a New Year’s dinner at the home of James Duthie and H.A. Smith. They walked home at 10:00 p.m. on January 1st, to their cold houses in temperatures of 35 below zero.

Noteable Hartney area Families

James Hartney may have given the community its name,
but there are other notable family names that are integral to our history.

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