Elgin is another story of rapid growth.  In 1898 when the railway came through, there was not a building on the present site of Elgin.  By 1900 the population of the village was about 400, and there were more families in the district than at present.   By 1913, as progress continued, Elgin had a school, 4 churches, an active band, and 34 places of business.  

In 1912, Elgin Consolidated School was formed When the local school, started in 1884, joined with Alice, Gilead, Maguire, and Millerway Schools. The building closed in 1951 and was replaced by a new structure.  The school closed in 1986 and a monument now commemorates it.

Built in 1904 this Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce building, to the left in this photo,  was originally two stories high, providing accommodation for the bank manager.  The second story was removed in the 1950s.  After the bank closed in 1995, it became the
Elgin and District Museum.


Elgin Area

Elgin Highlights

Former Grace Methodist Church
Peterborough Ave.
147.B.1 /1906

After the 1925 unification of the Methodist, Presbyterian, and Congregationalist faiths in Canada, it became the Elgin United Church.




Holiness Movement Parsonage
5th St.
147.B.2  / ca. 1905

James Argue House
Peterborough and Souris Ave.
147.C.1  / ca. 1905


James Argue (1848 – 1927)  settled in 1881. He was elected MLA in 1899, 1903, 1907, and 1910.

His James Oswald Argue also lived here, as did  Flora Chase who restored the house.

The home has a wide 2-story bay, a large entrance porch and a complex roofline



Cameron House
417 4th St.
147.C.5 / ca. 1900

This old home was built of lumber from a Turtle Mountain sawmill.
Some original features remain.


Jim Burdick House

618  6th St.
147.C.10 / 1901


While living here, George Reed kept a brick from each demolished house in Elgin in a garage in this yard. Each one was labeled.


Peters House
Main Street
147.C.13 / ca. 1910


Built by Mr. Hall, this attractive brick, with its nice verandah, features plenty of
bargeboard and trim and some stained glass

Earl Draper House
 Main Street – 7th
147.C.14 / ca. 1910

Earl Draper, MLA lived here.

Former Pool Elevator
Main Street

Now owned by “Dodds Farm Ltd.



Former CIBC / Elgin Museum
Main Street
147.E.1 /  1904


In 1902 The C.I.B.C. was established in the Sheir Block with G.H. Horne as Manager. It was moved to this building in 1904, which was built by J.M. Robinson for C.I.B.C.

Originally two storeys, it had accommodation for the bank manager on its second floor, which was removed in the 1950s. The bank closed in 1995 and now serves as the Elgin and District Historical Museum



Millerway Presbyterian Church Cairn
NE 19 -  6 - 21  


This cairn, erected in 1958 marks the site of the church built in 1898

In 1879, John Mair Sr. was the first settler of the region south of the Souris River.  The region became known as the Millerway district with a church and school.

Alladin Mail Order House
2 km NW of Elgin
147.G.1 / ca. 1920


Eatons and Aladdin were the two most popular suppliers of mail-order houses.

This was largely a prairie phenomenon – allowing those living far from “city-based” services to get the latest in home styles.


The “Fairfield” by Aladdin – 1918 Catalogue