Pioneer Churches and Cemeteries in The R.M. of Cameron


Historic Sites of Manitoba

1. St. Andrew’s Anglican Church / Hartney

Built in 1894 at 602 River Avenue, Hartney Mb.
Contractor – A. Ibbetson from Winnipeg

2. St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church 1892 / Hartney

400 East Railway St. Hartney Mb.

Built by H.H. Hotham (Contractor)

3.  Hartney United Church

Built in 1928 at 108 Spencer Street

The new Hartney United Church was built on the site of the Methodist Church and incorporated part of that structure in the new building. The Forbes Hall (formerly Forbes Church) was moved to the site and connected in 1960.

4.  Riverside Cemetery (RM of Cameron)

Riverside Cemetery (2010)
Source: Gordon Goldsborough

Situated immediately north of the Town of Hartney.

5. St. Jean’s Roman Catholic Church and Cemetery (Grande Clairiere)

The St. Jean’s Roman Catholic Parish was founded by Father Jean Gaire in 1888 in the village of Grand Clairiere in the Rural Municipality of Cameron. The first church, erected in 1890, was later destroyed by a cyclone. The present church was built in 1907 and its bell tower and sacristy were added in 1923. Adjacent to the church is a cemetery.

The cemetery at St. Jean’s was established in 1888.

6. Melgund Pioneer Cemetery

This cemetery, established in 1887, is situated in the Rural Municipality of Cameron.

7. Lauder United Church

Built 1904

8. Lauder Cemetery

Lauder Cemetery (October 2011)

This small cemetery atop a small hill along highway 21 in the Rural Municipality of Cameron was also the site of a Quaker church. Built in 1899, services were held in it until 1949 when it was moved to the village of Dand where it became Dand United Church. A commemorative cairn was erected at this site in 1967.

This cemetery is situated near the village of Lauder, in the Rural Municipality of Cameron.

9. Chain Lakes Cemetery

Quaker church monument in the Chain Lakes Cemetery (October 2011)

Chain Lakes Church - in Dand

10. Zion Methodist Church Site