Grassland Heritage Projects

With the support of the Historic Resources Branch of the Manitoba Government Grassland has produced several Heritage Projects.
The projects are available
at the Town Office and Online

Hartney Pivotal Events Project

A detailed illustrated chronology of events and activities that defined the community from its settlement in 1880 until approximately 1960. 

Hartney Notable People Project

Notable People Project is based on a format developed by the Historic Resources Branch of Manitoba Culture, Heritage & Tourism.  The project involves the production of the Inventory (estimated to feature 200 names), followed by Analysis through which is developed a List of Significant People.

We Made Hartney

"We Made Hartney" is a more in-depth look at some of the key figures in Hartney's history. 

The Grassland Special Places Projects

The project involves the production of an illustrated Inventory of Heritage Sites.  It was undertaken in three parts:

The Hartney Heritage Buidling Owners' Guide

These Design Guidelines are primarily for local government, building owners, tenants and business owners. Other interested parties may include builders, tradespeople, and volunteers.
This document will help the community better understand characteristics that have cultural, historical and architectural significance, which when considered holistically, give character to the community as a whole. Good design decisions can follow from this understanding. Understanding leads to better maintenance and conservation decisions over the long haul.

Design guidelines are not meant to be prescriptive; rather, they are meant as a description of good design choices.

Learming Materials for Hartney & Area

The purpose of The Learning Products Project is to introduce these projects to teachers and to begin the process of providing a framework within which the projects and other local resources can be used to best advantage in classrooms.

In general we hope to make it easier to teach Manitoba and Canadian History from a local perspective, and put students in contact with sites, artifacts, photographs, maps, and texts that are connected to their world.

1000 Words - Pioneer Photographers

A work in Progress

Photo from the Municipality of Grassland Collection