3. Profiles

William John Bates

(Baldur, Fairfax, Alexander, Elkhorn)


Born in Ontario, William came to Manitoba in 1894 and worked as a teacher at Dominion City School, where he met the prominent photographer George A. Barrowclough. He supported his family as a teacher and itinerant photographer, specializing in real photo postcards of small towns in southern Manitoba and eastern Saskatchewan. The family lived at Newdale while he was the Principal of Wellington School (1906-1907) and Newdale School (1907-1908), and at Winnipeg (1908-1911) while he was a student at the Manitoba Medical College. After graduation, he practiced medicine in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
Examples of his work in Southwestern Manitoba include street scenes of Baldur, Fairfax, Alexander, and Elkhorn.

Other work in Manitoba includes photos from Franklin, Birtle, Strathclair, Plumas, Arden, Bagot, Hargrave, Sidney, Elm Creek, Starbuck, St, Norbert, Oakville, and Makinak