Timeline... 1930 - 1939

The World

The depression set off by the stock market collapse in late 1929 is felt across North America and Europe.
Sept.1, 1939 Germany invades Poland, setting off World War 2


The effect of the world-wide economic depression is compounded in Western Canada by an extended drought.
In 1936 the Federal Government cancelled debt for feed and wrote off many advances to to the drought areas.


The effects of the drought on the prairies are felt most acutely in the southwest corner of the province.
The Farmer’s Creditors Arrangement Act – aims to reduce farm debt loads.

Hartney and the R.M. of Cameron

The depression and the drought affect Hartney much as they affect other communities.  
The expansion of the role and scope of schools, the influence of radio, and the changing technology in transportation all had an effect on life in Hartney.


Hartney dramatists (Little Theatre group) win top place in the district festival.


Maurice Fry and friends build and fly “The Seraph”, a parasol monoplane.
Low rainfall – crop yield is less than half the national average
Municipality undertakes a program of road building and repair in conjunction with the provincial governent as a relief measure.


Some rain but a plague of grasshoppers destroyed crops.


Many farmers had run out of credit and assets. Municipality and provincial governments struggle to provide relief where needed.


Low snowfalls, Soil erosion and dust storms become a serious problem.

McMorran and Wright and other historians begin research into the Fur Trade Posts that had operated in the Hartney area a century earlier.


Hartney Little Theatre players win the Free Press Shield a the Provincial Festival
Grade 12 courses added to Hartney School offerings.
Dominion Chatauquas, with headquarters in Calgary, brings a three-day program of music, plays and lectures to small towns.
H.C. Batty assumes postmaster duties (untill 1954)


Federal Drought Relief Program established.
Hartrney Horticultural Society organized.


Spring rain leads to an improved harvest.
Vote to approve liquor – operated by Shea’s Brewery.
Hartney Horticultural Society formed.


Abundant crops


September 1:  Germany invades Poland,  WW2 begins
Manitoba Power Commission purchases Hartney Light and Power
November:  Hartney Willing Workers Society formed