Events that Shaped Hartney & Area

An Illustrated Timeline

The following collection of dates and activities has been taken from local histories with  additional material from archival sources such as photos, maps, and contemporary newspaper reports.

A timeline is a useful way to establish a community’s development, and a good way to note its highlights. All of this information can be used to develop the kind of content that is helpful in describing a community’s history through short, effective and accurate texts that will be appropriate for educational support materials, plaques, website content, and myriad other follow-up projects.  

The dates and activities have been presented in a decade-by-decade format, which allows us to relive the past through the lens of the flow of time; but it is important to note that pivotal events can also be broadly grouped by major chronological periods in our history attached to primary activities of a given era.

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The Pivotal Events Concept...

A community's  heritage can be expressed through a careful analysis of Places, People and Events. The Historic Resources Branch has developed Pivotal Events Projects as the final component of the three core collections that, along with Special places and Notable People, will help communties protect and use their heritage resources  to best advantage.  

With local history volumes as our guide, and with previous heritage projects and local museums as  a resouce, we create a comprehensive illustrated timeline that puts a community's pivotal events into context and renders them in an entertaining and accessible fashion.

Photo from the Municipality of Grassland Collection